Grand Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill


The Grand Order of the Sword of Bunker Hill is a historical and patriotic side Order of Masonry founded to perpetuate the principles of American liberty, and to indelibly impress upon the minds of each generation the sacrifices made by our Masonic forefathers in forming and establishing the United States of America.

The "Sword of Bunker Hill" is not a Masonic degree, but rather an Order conferred upon a Master Mason in good standing, therefore it is referred to as an Order and not a degree.

There are local Orders located in a number of states, from New England to Colorado. The Order has been conferred on more than 100,000 Master Masons over the past several years. To date there have been 127 local Orders chartered, although most are now dormant. At this time only 23 local Orders are somewhat active. The number of members is unclear.

Initiation Ritual
Ritual for the Installation of Officers