Societas Rosicruciana in Scotia
First Grade - Zelator

This ritual is from the first half of the 20th century

C.: Brethren, assist me to form the Mystic Circle.
The Brethren rise and form a Circle, placing their hands on the shoulders of those near to them.
C.: Very Worthy Deputy, what are the objects of our assembly?
D.: The diffusion of Light, and the advancement of Science.
C.: How do we hope to accomplish the aims we have in view?
D.: By prayer and perseverance in the path of knowledge and virtue.
C.: Before we bend our knees to Heaven, V.W. Deputy, let us assure ourselves that the Brethren are in possession of the Word.
D.: Brethren, pass the word by letter to the East.
The Brethren en the left of the Deputy comply, and the C. finding the word correct, proceeds thus:

C.: The word being correct, I return it to the West.
This is done in due form.
C.: Brethren, let us pray.
The Brethren kneel on left knees and join hands.
C.: Fountain of Light and Glory of the Universe we humbly adore Thee. Here all bow. Bless the union of our hearts, symbolised by the joining of our hands, and illuminate our spirits with the brightness of Thy Perfection. Sanctify our desires and purify our thoughts, so that we may become worthy to commune with the Holy Ones whom Thou hast created, and finally grant us an everlasting inheritance in the dominions illuminated by rays of Wisdom from thine unapproachable Throne. All bow twice and reply Amen. And then rise, resuming their original position.
C.: In the name of I.N.R.I. I declare the Mystic Circle duly formed, and the chain of union complete.
All clap hands. * * *   * * *.
C. takes the chair, D. and Brethren their seats.
The Minutes are now to be read.
Ceremonial of Reception
First Point
The Aspirant, wearing a M.M.’s apron and blindfolded, is led to the Porch by the C. of N. who says: I will go unto the Altar of God.
HERALD, on receiving the Candidate: To God who giveth joy to my youth. The organ plays a solemn symphony, or an appropriate ode is sung by the Fratres.
C.: Brother, what is your desire?
C of N. for Aspir.: I desire to go out of darkness into the pure light of knowledge, to learn the doctrines of Nature, and to discover the wondrous principle by which the Universe is governed.
C.: My Brother, your desire is laudable, but we are mortals like yourself — why come to us?
C.: of N. for Aspir.: Because I believe that among you are practised many great virtues, and the growth of ages has added to your store of learning. I desire to be received.
C.: We acknowledge and appreciate your faith, but must remind you that the road to learning is long, and the life of man but short. Remember, therefore, that what the heart conceives is but seldom accomplished, and build no hopes upon our Order. Our aim is to be good, our desire to be humble, our study to be wise. Wealths, honour, and power we heave to the worldling, pleasure and indolence to the vicious, and we cast in our lot with the virtuous and the poor, pressing forward in the pursuit of wisdom. Our objects are mutual aid and encouragement in working out the great problems of life, in the advancement of science, the propagation of knowledge, and the diffusion of that glorious revelation whose cardinal precepts are Glory to God in the highest, and on earths peace, goodwill toward men. This may be chanted or sung by the Choir.
My Brother, of your faith we are assured, but of your zeal I demand a proof.
Aspir.: I am ignorant of God, of Nature, and myself. I am surrounded by spiritual doubt and darkness. I claim I command to be received.
C.: You have spoken truly a bold heart may command anything, and faith can remove the mountains of ignorance and vice. Prepare yourself, therefore, to undergo the elemental proofs required by the laws of our Order.
A pause.
C.: Let the Aspirant be conducted to the Gates of Life, and unfold to hum, by the elemental proofs, the primary secrets of Nature and Truth.
The Aspirant passes toward the North, then Southward to the front of the 1st Ancient, who places sand upon his lips saying: And the 1st Ancient said, Hearken ye Aspirants, Death is the gate of Life. Fear not to enter therein, for in the dust are sown the seeds of immortality. My password is Immortal.
The Aspirant is instructed to place his r. hand upon his heart, and is then conducted to the South, then back by the North in front of the 2nd Ancient who applies the Air test saying: Behold the very air we breathe is full of mysteries, but the love of God surpasses all things visible and invisible, and Hope is the inheritance of man on earth. My password is Hope.
The Aspirant is instructed to place his hand as before, and is then conducted toward the North, and round toward the South in front of the 3rd. Ancient, who makes the sign of the Cross with finger dipped in water on his forehead.
3rd Anc.: And the 3rd. Ancient said, Let us approach with joy the House of Sanctification with clean hands and purified hearts for our strengths is in the Mighty One of Israel. My password is Strengthens.
The Aspirant is instructed to place his hand as before and is then conducted toward the South, and around toward the North in front of the 4th. Ancient, who applies Flame of Fire to a lock of his hair, saying: And the 4th. Ancient said, Let us, therefore, enter the Temple of Perfection, and shrink not from the ordeal of Fire, for the wrath of God consumeths only the impious and impenitent man. My password is Virtue and the four passwords of the Ancients form the Aphorism Immortal Hope Strenghtens Virtue, the initials of which are I.H.S.V.
The Aspirant places his hand upon his heart at the pronunciation of the word Virtue, and when the Aphorism is pronounced he bows; and further he is caused to repeat the I.H.S.V. The Aspirant continues towards the North and around toward the South until he is in front of the Celebrant, but West of the Altar.
An anthem or voluntary on the organ is here performed.
C.: My Brother, the trials through which you have successfully passed were ordained to test your patience and perseverance. In Ancient times the knowledge of the Most High was not revealed without due preparation on the limit of the Aspirant for the sacred Mysteries. His initiation was preceded by four purifications — viz : by Earth, Air, Water and Fire as well as by signal proofs of his morality, prudence, and zeal. You have submitted with cheerfulness to the required tests, are you likewise willing to assure us of your good faiths by a pledge of fidelity, vows not being exacted from the members of this grade?
Aspir.: I am.
C.: Do you, therefore, pledge your honour as a Master Mason never to reveal the secret ceremonial of the Mystic Circle unless any permission of the Supreme Magus, and even then only in strict conformity with our rules and ordinances?
Aspir.: I do.
C.: Do you also promise to prosecute with zeal the study of our Mysteries, to yield a ready obedience to your superiors in the Order, and to assist and defend your Brethren of the R… C… when occasion requires it?
Aspir.: I do.
C.: Brethren, are you satisfied with the answers given by the Aspirant?
The Brethren rise, and all clap their hands * * *   * * * as a sign of assent.
C.: Conduct the Aspirant to the foot of the Altar.
This is done.
C.: Brethren, as true Rosicrucians, we respect the decrees of the Most High, and bend the knee to Him from whom we derive our existence. Let us, therefore, kneel and pray.
We supplicate Thy eternal and most just goodness, Place right hand on the heart. Holy Lord, Father Almighty, Author of Light and Truth, on behalf of this Thy servant, that Thou wouldest vouchsafe to illumine him with the Light of Thy Wisdom, cleanse him and sanctify him; give unto him true knowledge, that, being made worthy of the grace of Thy baptism, he may retain firm hope, right counsel, and holy doctrine.
Brethren respond: Amen.
The Brethren then noiselessly form the Circle and the Deputy repeats the first five verses of St. John, 1st. chapter.
D.: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. In him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.
C.: Rise, my Brother, and receive the Light of our mystic Temple.
The Altar candles being lighted, and the perfume arising from the Urn, the Conductor raises the Aspirant with his face to the Altar, and removes the veil of obscurity, at which moment all the Brethren clap their hands * * *   * * *.
C.: The Lord’s Light be with you.
D.: And with thy Spirit.
C.: Worthy Brother, on being restored to vision, you stand before the Altar, which we raise to commemorate the spotless life of Him who was the manifested glory of J.H.V.H. Above the Altar are inscribed the initials of that sacred name and title, which were traced in burning letters upon the Cross of the Redeemer. Treasure in your heart, my beloved Brother, the remembrance of the word I.N.R.I. Forget not that for thirty-three years He laboured on earth in meekness and humility a period which is represented by the thirty-three lights on the Altar. The roses allude to the beauty and grandeur of His Resurrection from the dead, and are typical of the eternal glory of the Rose of Sharon. The five-pointed Star reminds us of the five points of felicity, which are to walk with, to intercede for, to love, to assist, and to pray for our Brethren, so as to be united with them in heart and mind. The Incense, which rises in straight lines toward the luminous Star, is a symbol of prayer, which proceeds direct to the throne of God. Learn to fulfill the Law, for it is pleasant, and all its paths are peace.
The Conductor of Novices invests the Aspirant with the white Robe.
D.: He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment. (Rev. III. 5).
C.: Receive this white garment, and see thou carry it without stain before the tribunal of the world, of your Brethren, and of our Master, that thou mayest have eternal life. You will now be placed in the Mystic Circle and join with us in repeating the initials of the mystic word.
This is done.
C.: Brethren, I declare the Mystic Circle perfect, and the chain of union complete.
All break off and clap hands * * *   * * *. The Celebrant, Senior and Junior Ancients then lay their hands upon the Aspirant’s head, Celebrant in front saying: We receive thee, Brother.
C., to Aspirant: You will now be conducted to the outer chamber, to enable you to reflect upon those solemn ceremonies through which you have just passed. Let us, therefore, strictly enjoin you to a deportment consistent with the honour and dignity of the Order into whose bosom you have been received this day, a day which should ever be considered as one of the most memorable periods of your life, in as much as you have voluntarily dedicated your soul to the service of Truth and Virtue. The initials of the word with which you have been entrusted will ensure your re-admission to the Mystic Circle.
Aspirant is led out.
Second Point
Thee Columns of the Ancients are removed to the four cardinal points, 1st. Ancient in the North, 2nd. Ancient in the East, 3rd Ancient in the West, 4th. Ancient in the South. All the lights on the Altar but three are extinguished. the Aspirant knocks with the report of a Rosicrucian * * *   * * *.
GUARD: R.W. Celebrant, one of the chosen desires admission to the Mystic Circle.
C.: Require him to advance to you in due form, and present the mystic token.
GUARD, to Aspirant: Advance to me and present the tokens for admission.
Conductor instructs the Aspirant to advance by four steps, representing the Tetragrammaton; laying his right hand upon his breast at each, and bowing at the last step, he then hands to the Guardian a piece of paper on which his name is written, and the I.N.R.I. letters placed thereon thus:
Robert Wentworth Little I.N.R.I.
The door is then closed and the Guardian reports: R.W. Celebrant, Frater …, having meditated upon the celestial precepts of our Order, humbly craves re-admission.
C.: What does he desire?
GUARD: Light.
C.: That he has already received. What, now, is his request?
GUARD: More light.
C.: Let him enter and advance to the centre of the Temple by the four of wisdom.
Aspirant is admitted, and takes the four steps as taught outside, and then halts.
C.: Worthy Brother, whence come you?
Aspir.: From a land of shadow, where the rays of knowledge but rarely penetrate.
C.: Where do you now stand?
Aspir.: In the centre of the earth my hands are extended the Aspirant extends his arms from North to South, and my desire is to approach the radiant East, and rejoice in the Light of Perfection.
C.: You are worthy inspired, my Brother, and I approve and commend your zeal , but your progress to the goal of Truth must be slow and gradual, as the Mysteries of Nature are not to be unfolded to all who seek her shrine, but only to the strong in Faith and the humble in Spirit.
Behold me, therefore, as your Master, approaching you from the East, to communicate those secrets, which have long been cherished by the members of our Order.
The ancient sign of a Rosicrucian is given thus, right hand on heart, left hand and wrist across the right, thus forming a cross on the chest. The figure of a Cross is equivalent to the latin word LVX, lux, as it exhibits the three letters of which it is composed.

On the continent the cross is given by crossing the two fore-fingers, and the word Lux is not spoken, but the three letters are made with the fingers, L V X.
As the word Lux signifies Light, it is considered the Pass-word to the Grand word of four mystic letters, I.N.R.I., which represent the Everlasting Sun, who is the True Light of the World, and the Glory of the Father. You will now pass before the Brethren, and take your seat while the V.W. Deputy reads a portion of the Revelation of St John the Divine.
The 7th. Chapter is read, verses 9 to 12 inclusive.

D.: After this I beheld, and, ho, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands.
And cried with a loud voice saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the Throne, and onto the Lamb.
And all the Angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders, and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God.
Saying, amen: Blessing and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be to our God for ever and ever. Amen.
The following address is then delivered by the Deputy, or an Officer deputed by the Celebrant.
D.: Brother, having passed through the various trials required by our Ordinances, and having knelt before the Altar of Light, you are now permitted to join in the mystic labours of the Order. This privilege is conferred only upon discreet and worthy men to whom the revelations of Theosophy and Hermetic Science may be safely confided. In the ceremony through which you have been voluntarily conducted this evening, you will doubtless have observed a similarity to certain rites practised in the Ancient Mysteries. It is thus that we hope to lead the sincere Aspirant to the radiant realms of intellectual Truth, and to the Court of the Everlasting J.H.V.H. The significance of our symbols is a most important breach of the studies, which you have promised to prosecute with zeal. This engagement which your tongue pronounced, and, we trust, your heart approved, can be fulfilled only by diligence and perseverance. We trace the growth of our Philosophy in the perpetual advent of Sages, through the remotest avenues of Time. A grand and spiritual procession of Teachers ilumminating the Earth with their Wisdom. Moses, Elijah, and Ezekiel were the Heralds of our principles, and all the great and wise men of old have kindled their lamps at the Sacred Fire in which we now rejoice. Among the secrets of Nature, which it is now your duty to investigate, are the Mysteries of the Cabalists, which include the demonstration of the Eternal Essence of God, the key to the government of the Universe, and the powers and properties of numbers. With reference to the interpretation of numerals, I may briefly explain the primary meaning attributed to each.
No. 1 represents the generative principle of Nature, and the Unity of the Divine Being, typified by the point within a circle.
No. 2 denotes the active and passive qualities of Nature.
No. 3 is called the Majestic number, as it refers to the triple essence of the Deity, its emblem is the Triangle, which was anciently called thin Sacred Delta and the Hierophant in the Mysteries of Osiris required all Candidates to take the oath of secrecy with both hands extended over this Divine symbol.
No. 4 is the Mystic number, and indicates the operative influence of the four elements. Under this number, or the geometrical square, Pythagoras communicated the ineffable name of God to his chosen disciples.
No. 5 is the emblem of Health; it is also denominated the occult number.
No. 6 is considered an epitome of Nature, as it presents to our view the dimensions of all things, adding to the four cardinal or superficial points the two lines of height and depth.
No. 7 is the Perfect number, also termed the most venerable, since it refers to the creation of the World.
No. 8 designates the primitive law of Nature, being the first cube, and points out that all men are born equal; it is also esteemed the number most to be desired.
No. 9 is called thin Triple Ternary, and refers to the perfection of the spheres.
No. 10 is the most sublime, as it contains the Monad or Unity, which created all things, and also, 0, the “nothing” Zero, the symbol of chaos, out of which the World was formed. It is the foundation of the Hebrew Sephimroth, and our hands and feet offer examples of this number.
No. 11 is an omen of Defeat and Death.
No. 12 alludes to the 12 Apostles of the Messiah, and to the 12 Signs of the Zodiac, expressing the Cosmogony of Nature, spiritually and materially. Twelve times 12000 is the number of the sealed. The square of 12 viz. 144 is also the limit of our Rosicrucian circle, and reminds us of the 72 Names and attributes of God, which form the alphabet of the 72 Angels who occupy the 72 degrees of the ladder of Jacob.
C.: Falter not therefore, Brother, because the way seems long and the Soul is weary, but toil on toward the utmost pinnacles of Wisdom. Life itself is imaged in this opening ceremony; difficulties have been placed in your path, and perils have beset you, even as obstacles present themselves in your worldly career. Let us remember however that knowledge is power, and that the source of all Wisdom will sustain our feeble steps on the journey that leads to eternal life.
All rise.
C.: Be ready to exclaim like the Martyrs of old.
Ab, Ben, Ve-Ruach, Ha-Kodesh.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit to Thee be all the Glory.
An Anthem is then sung, after which the Torch Bearer proceeds to the newly admitted Brother, and placing a lighted taper in his hand, says, as he blows it out: Like the Light of this taper, so will your Light be blown out from amongst us if you fail.
Tokens burnt by Torch Bearer.
C.: Very Worthy Deputy, having satisfactorily laboured to diffuse the Light, what is our reward?
D.: The consciousness of having performed our duty to God and man, and more particularly to our Brethren of the R... C...
C.: Brethren, with this guerdon let us be content. Aid me to dissolve the Mystic Circle and hermetically seal up our secrets in the chambers of our souls.
All stand up and form a Circle as in the Opening.
C.: Let us pray
The Brethren kneel as in the Opening.
C.: In the light of Thy countenance, O Father of Angels and Men, we rejoice and are glad.
All bow.
May we heave Thy footstool with purer hearts and clearer consciences, and may we be spared again to assemble in this Temple of Truth. Hasten, we beseech Thee, the coming of that day, when Thy knowledge shall cover the earth, and the fullness of Thy Glory be revealed to all Mankind.
All bow twice and reply: Amen.
Then rise resuming their former position.
C.: By the word I.N.R.I. I dissolve this Mystic Circle, and declare the chain of Union imperfect until again reunited by the power of the Mystic Word.
All break off and clap hands * * *   * * *.