Rituaal voor de graad van Theoricus

Dit rituaal dateert uit ca. 1880 en werd gebruikt door de Societatis Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis

First Section

The Zelator in the Preparation Room is robed in Scarlet: over his head and face is thrown a light Blue veil, and in his right hand is placed an ebony Crux, signifying LUX. The Conductor of Novices is robed and cowled in black. They proceed to the Porch and give a Battery of 4 at the entrance to the Sacred Hall.
G. of the C.:
Frater Suffragan, there is an alarm at the entrance of our Sacred Hall.
Guardian of tho Caverns, ascertain who seeks admission to the sacred precincts of a Rosicrucian.
Guardian opens the door, and observes the Password offered by the Conductor of Novices and Zelator, which is made by the fingers, LUX. Door is then closed.

G. of the C.:
Frater Suffragan, at the entrance to our Sacred Hall stands the Conductor of Novices with a Brother who having partaken of the secrets of a Zelator, and meditated upon its sublime mysteries now seeks further knowledge by the LUX of our Order.
Has he given evidence of zeal and devotion as a true Rosicrucian?
G. of the C.:
He has.
Then let him be admitted.
The Zelator, in charge of the Conductor, enters and is halted in front of the Suffragan.

Frater Zelator, it is the custom of Rosicrucians before undertaking any matter of importance to invoke the blessing of the Deity on their proceedings. Kneel, therefore, and join with us in

Solemn Prayer

Supreme Lord, Our Father, source of Truth and Light, pour down upon us the continued dew of Thy blessing, and prepare the mind off this Zelator, now kneeling in Thy presence, for the reception of the true mysteries of this Order, that he may thereby benefit mankind, and better fit himself for advancement in Thine Eternal Kingdom. Amen.
Suffragan gives a battery of one:
With reverence for the Name of Deity, arise. Inform me now, what is your desire?
Frater Suffragan, our Brother Zelator is in search of further instruction.
Frater, I commend your thirst for knowledge, and beg you to remember that the Author of Lux and life will ever assist and protect those who truly seek His glory, and the welfare of mankind. Is such your object?
It is.
Prompted by such noble sentiments, guided by God’s Word, and assisted by the Lux of reason which is emblemized by the Cross you bear, and the love of Science which you proclaim, you may reasonably hope to attain the object of your desire. Advance then, conveying this symbol before the Brotherhood.
The Zelator and his Conductor make four circuits.

Hymn to Chymia

Come, Healing Art, and spread thy balm
Wide o’er the Earth’s expansive lea,
Come soothe the heart, the Spirit calm.
Of wanderer’s t’ward Eternity.
Oh. Chymia fair, thou brightest child
Of Heavenly birth, Man's dearest friend
Shine forth, and guide with actions mild,
Man’s sorrows to a blissful, end.
Thou Mystic Art, to thee alone
Does Nature bow, with wonders teem
A mighty vision sweeping on
As a mysterious deem;
Yet not in vain are Arts that steal
Through time and space, from Earth to Sky
For they with still small voice reveal
Our Immortality.
The Zelator and his Conductor proceed to the Suffragan in the West and halt.

Frater, before you can further partake of the secrets of the Grade of Theoricus, your consent is required to certain promises: Listen!


Do you promise on your word as a Man, and pledge your honor as a Rosicrucian, to forever conceal, and never reveal, any of the secrets or mysteries of this Grade of Theoricus, to a Zelator, or to any other person whomsoever, directly or indirectly, without the consent of the Magus, his Council, or by the authority of the Ordinance, of the Society of Rosicrucians?
I do.
Do you promise that annually, on the day of our Mystic Assembly, you will meet with us in our Sacred Hall, or send in writing the cause of your absence, due notice having been given to you of the time of such assembling?
I do.
Frater, you have now pledged yourself to our simple but essential precepts. I present you in all humility and love, as being worthy to partake off our secret treasures; to this end, the Conductor of Novices will now guide you about this Sacred Hall halting at each of the four Cardinal Points, that you may partake of those mysteries which the Venerable Ancients will impart.
The Zelator is conducted to the 1st Ancient in the East, by the way of the North. While this is transpiring, music.

1st Ancient:
Zelator, it is reasonable that every Brother should labor for the treasure he receives, by the assistance of God. Prepare yourself by mental prayer, ask not of any one the way, but continue to follow your guide, who will conduct you to the other pillars of wisdom. Arm yourself with. heroic courage, and let not fear overcome you. No bodily weapon is needed, but confide in God with a sincere heart. My object is to arouse your fortitude; proceed in your search for the mysteries you will have revealed to you in this degree. In order that you shrink not, I charge you to be circumspect and courageous, and give you as your Password. 'Fortitude'.
Music as the Zelator is conducted to the South. point of the Compass, where presides the Second Ancient guarding a burning but well shaded Vestal Lamp.

2nd Ancient:
Zelator, this burning lamp typifies the Light of Nature which burns unseen by mortal eye. Every natural body carries a light within it, but the light appears not, it is eclipsed by the grossness of its surrounding matter. Yet the effect of this light is apparent to all according to the absence or presence of the Holy Lux. All things in the World must flourish or wither, there can be no mediate state. From experience we know that within us there is a continual yearning of the Soul, end by laying our hands upon our breasts we can feel our hearts, while they are fed from an internal Fire or Light, which is that blessed and impregnated Light from above. Seek to obtain that Divine Lux which should warm our Souls with Love for God, for without this you cannot obtain the rich treasure of a true Rosicrucian. We abstain from speaking further at present, but proceed in your continued search.
Conductor of N.:
Venerable 2nd Ancient, will you give to us the Password of this Cardinal point?
2nd Ancient:
Let him that bath Wisdom find it: Yet I give you a Password, 'Ignigene' (Burn by Fire).
Music as the Zelator is conducted to the West point off the compass, where presides the 3rd Ancient, guarding a glass vessel containing pure water.

3rd Ancient:
Zelator, at the South gate, the Venerable 2nd Ancient informed you of the innate Fire of all things: I impress upon you that Water is an Active Element, it is the Menstruum of the World: Without it Man would cease to exist, the blood to flow in his veins, or sap to move in vegetation. Water forms the largest portion of the blood, without it there could be no corruption, fermentation or dissolution. In its ordinary state, it is a combination of all the other Elements, containing Fire, Air and Earth, sufficing for vegetation alone. Seek for the living Water of Eternal Life, drink of it purely, that thine iniquity may be taken away, and thy sins be purged. Having revealed to you a glimpse of the tree of knowledge, proceed in search of more.
Conductor of N.:
Venerable 3rd Ancient, will you give to us the Password of this Cardinal Gate?
3rd Ancient:
This thou shouldst discover; but I give to you 'Aquaticus'. (Living of or by Water).
Music as the Zelator is conducted to the North point of the Compass, where presides the 4th Ancient guarding a Chalice containing Earth.

4th Ancient:
Zelator, you have been informed that without Fire, Water, no thing can exist, they are active. The Element which I guard is passive or fixed. Earth consists of a simple, dry and. cold substance, and is an ingredient in the composition of all natural bodies, wherein the other principles reside. Man was formed of the dust of the Earth, and again to dust will he return, being compounded of the most perfect and noble part of earthly matter, and formed after God’s own image and likeness. Man is called the 'Microcosm', signifying the little world, a perfect system, the imaged embodiment of the Universe, and typefying all that is excellent and wonderful in Nature.
Fire preserves the Earth from being overwhelmed or destroyed by Water; the Air preserves the Fire that it is not extinguished; and Water preserves the Earth from being burned. Yet if either of these active elements was to become predominant in any great degree, the greater World would be destroyed, and with it the Microcosm, or little World.
Man is therefore composed of three distinct essences, and if we attentively consider his structure and faculties, we shall clearly perceive, that his existence upon Earth is only intended by the Deity as a. state of probation; and as this corporeal life shall terminate either in acts of piety or profaneness, so shall follow the reward or retribution of an impartial and just Judge in a future of everlasting duration. When our bodies partake of the Durified dust of the grave, may we be prepared to pass from this Ethereal to the Empyreau World.
Proceed to the East. The Password of this Northern gate is 'Terrigena' (of the Earth).
By the Initials of your four Passwords, you form the word F. I .A. T.
The Zelator is conducted to the East in front of the Celebrant, and has completed a square with four Cardinal points by his journey. The veil is removed. The Zelator is now West of the Altar, the Celebrant on the East. Zelator places Crux on Bible, and stands with his arms in form of a. cross.

Place now the Crux you hold upon the Holy Volume and imitate again its form, for this is the 'F.I.A.T.' of the Almighty, that if you do not strive to live in purity and be not redeemed, God’ s grace in the final day will be withdrawn from you. You have passed the four pillars of Wisdom, where the light of knowledge hath been partially revealed to you, instructing you how to prepare yourself to receive that great and glorious treasure which every true Rosicrucian hopes to attain.
The body of Man is formed from the Elements, .the soul of Man is entrusted to his keeping by the Eternal, the Spirit of Man reflexes the impress of the Celestial.
I will now invest you with some of our Secrets.
Sign: place left forefinger upon the lip, cross it with right forefinger.
Token: join right hands and cross them with left arms.
Password: F.I.A.T.
Sacred Word: Zaph-nath-paan-cab (revealer of Secrets).
Battery: **** (cardinal Points).
You will now in charge of your Conductor retire to the outer Porch, and be clothed in the color of Divine Truth and eternal Friendship, emblematic of the ethereal element that surrounds us, which through the blessing of God, he breathed into the nostrils of Man when He imbued him with a living Soul. For now that we have witnessed your Spirit of ardor and fervency, it is becoming that your scarlet attire should give place to the symbol of Truth and Hope, a raiment of Blue. This color also accords with that Science to which your attention will now be directed: for we proclaim you a Theoricus, entitled to the emblematic secrets of Chemistry.
When duly prepared your Conductor will give a battery of Four at the proper entrance which will signify your readiness to proceed.
The four is significant of the Cardinal points at which you received. Wisdom, and. of the four letters forming the Password, and yet as well refers to the four Arms of the Cross, which in their respective directions point to infinity.
You may now retire.

Second Section
Color Blue

The Zelator being robed in blue, and in readiness is conducted to the entrance of Chemic Hall, the Laboratory of the Chemists, in which there are six Chemists either at work or at study, and there is a seventh chair vacant. Conductor, still in black, taps four times lightly at the door which is responded to by the sound of four on a silvertoned bell within: The door opens and The First Chemist approaches.
1st Chemist:
What seek you of us?
Conductor of N.:
To explore the truths of Chemistry, and more thorough1y understand the operations of Nature. We have attained the Grade of Theoricus, and by this sign we claim admittance.
Makes the Sign of the Cross on the lips.

1st Chemist:
You seek to explore the Chemical knowledge of the Rosicrucians. Reflect. 'Its explorations are as keys to masked doors in the ramparts of Nature, which no mortal can pass through without rousing dread sentries never seen upon this side.' Much of the learning of those who have gone before has been lost to us; we seek to regain past knowledge. The famed Diocletian glorified in the flames that destroyed the works of the Egyptians, as was also done when Caesar captured the Egyptian seat of Learning in rendering cinders of 700,000 rolls of the Alexandrian Library, and when Leo Isaurus destroyed 300,000 more. Why then should you seek to delve in that which fanatic in power may again destroy in a few short hours?
Conductor of N.:
Still would we seek advancement in so glorious a science. Instruct us in the purity of its truths.
1st Chemist:
He who seeketh for purity of truth in Chemistry must take the more direct though tedious road of bending before the crucible, study and handle the alkalies, the minerals and the gases; for though you may become possessed of much through the remaining Manuscripts of the founders and their latter successors, yet you cannot detect their errors which lead to confusion and false theories, thereby causing you to insidiously drink in their imperfections.
Your Preceptor, our immediate Master, has doubtless instructed you in the four steps of Wisdom, the essentials of Chemical theory, and whence your name Theoricus. Having reliance in your Fortitude, the simple Elements Fire, Earth, Water and Air were theoretically explained to you. You also possess the Sign of the Cross, we therefore can deny you nothing.
The four Elements and the four arms of the Cross are likewise allusive to the four classes of Chemistry, thus we have the Inorganic, ten Organic, the Practical and the Pure; that is, the Mineral, the Structure of Beings, the modes of Production and the relations of Elements in their Composition and Decay.
But I pray you enter and be seated in the vacant chair allotted to you, and my Companions will instruct you further.
2nd Chemist:
Frater Theoricus, the Science of Chemistry and all its co-relative subjects are of intense interest to us, and we trust that for the sane reasons they will become so to you. Our duties and our labors are with continued praise and prayer: We behold the wonders of God wisdom in the Elements, and in their multitudinous combinations. We bless Him hourly, and in every discovery from the wonderful beings that inhabit the blood of the insect, invisible to the keenest eye, to the inconceivable Chemical power that resides within the bursting volcano.
Conductor of N.:
But Companion and Frater, what hope can you give us in our search? This Frater Theoricus seeks correction of man through the Science of Chemistry.
2nd Chemist:
Perfection of Man, thou canst not find it here. The Rosicrucian Chemist bestows his time, dutifully to God in diligent search of the Scriptures, in healing without man's reward, and in experimenting in the hidden secrets of Nature and Art; he delves in true physics and medicine, and as the hope you will hereafter discover in true mathematics and Astronomy, by which being enabled to produce more and wonderful effects, he is brought nearer to God and his perfections; but perfection is obtainable only in the Spirit when beyond these realms.
As Rosicucians we are laborious, frugal, temporate, discreet and true, and. while acknowledging ourselves lovers of Truth and Virtue we neither dream of, hope for, nor endeavor to make any reformation in the World through abstract religious dogmas.
Yet we exclaim, how glorious are the Creator’s works; we watch the germinal powers of the plant transmute the fixed air and the elementary base Water, into grass or leaves; and then feeding on these, the Organic principle in the animal exercises a Chemistry most wonderful and stupendous, for the unseen agency weaves its magic texture, when the foliage becomes either the bone and its marrow, the pulpy brain or the solid ivory.
The silvery-toned bell without strikes three: the Chemist stops suddenly. All the Chemists rise, extend their arms, each thus forming a Cross, and then placing their arms across their breasts, and bowing slowly and silently retire.

Conductor of N.:
The three strokes of the bell you heard but now, gave notice for silent meditation preparatory for Evenine Prayer: these Chemists have retired to the Chapel.
Frater Theoricus, you doubtless question the nature of this apartment and why this scene. You were informed in the Grade of Zelator, of three rock-built Halls in juxta position, they were the Main Laboratory, the Apartment for refreshment and rest, and the Secret or Sacred Hall, sometimes termed the Chapel, seclusive under certain circumstances: You were also told of the discovery of the transmutation to Silver and Gold, of the continued search for the re-invention of the wondrous ever-burning Lamp and the presumed discovery of the "Elixir of Life" by Frater Gualdi, of whom you will learn more hereafter, end his being found apparantly lifeless as he rung the great Death-bell. Let me give you a further insight into this Home of the Rosicrucians.
In connection with the general structure of the three Apartments were four other and smaller rooms opposite the Laboratory, and on the other side of the Chapel or Congregating Hall. These were variously fitted up and adapted to the purposes of which they were assigned as will be made known to you. They were of about equal size and could aggregate a space covering the Main Hall to which each one communicated by a short passage while having inter-communication with each other.
Upon entering the first passage from the Chapel Porch, and near what we may term the South-West, we are led to the entrance of a quadrangular apartment of convenient proportions; having a rude built roof with sieve flue or outlet for vapors, and fitted up and devoted to Chemistry, Alchemy and their kindred studies. The equipment of materials essential for service were plain receptacles, but apparently for a long series of years been in practical use.
In this apartment evidently uncouncious of any intrusion were gowned and cowled in blue, seven Students of the Pestle and Mortar, mixing, compounding and calculating without unnecessary converse or recognition of each other's presence, but deeply intent upon their assumed tasks. These were the Theorici or Rosicrucians of the 2nd Grade.
Acids and Chemicals, roots, herbs, gums and minerals in abundance, in powders and pastes, and all apparently in confusion, surrounded the wells, on shelves, in closets, and drawers, in bottles, jars and boxes, stored to all appearance in unkown quantities. These were Nature's unalterated gifts to be used for the health and preservation of Man.
The small Laboratory was made famous in the early part of the 16th Century by the following discovery of transmutation by the Chemists of the Rosicrucians: while examining and investigating the amalgam of Mercury, Lead and Arquifoux with the readily fusible Bismuth, wonderful changes appeared by the introduction of a solution known to the Theorici as 'Primitia' or Primordial Solution. Slowly did these changes appear, when a whitish metal, in grains and dendrites, of the color of silver with a similar lustre and ductility, yet softer, was found mixed with cobalt bloom, a little sulphuret and chloride of silver.
The interest manifested in this hitherto unknown production or result among the Theorici attracted the attention of the Alchemists of the Grad of Practicus, who pronounced the discovery of the transmutation of Silver.
Then the deep-toned bell was for the first time rung with no uncertain sound, and the Brethren assembled in the Chapel for praise and prayer.
A feeling of cupidity immediately seized the Brethren of the Society, and with caution of no less than 10,000 Marks of this silver were disposed of in the various cities of Europe, when the Magus and his Council forbade, under pains and penalties the further production of the metal in consequence of its evident baneful effect upon the entire Rosicrucian Society, and the danger of their organisation being annihilated.
This famed discovery took place in the apartment intended to be represented by the one in which you are: and to this extent you are now introduced into the Home and to the Study of the Second Grade of the Rosicrucians. There being a vacancy in the number allowed to the Theorici; you form one of the Select Seven.
The Chemists are about to return, let us retire.