Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes 
Second Degree Ceremony

This ritual is from 1958

This Ceremony must be conducted in a properly-constituted Minor Lodge.
Installing Officer: Brother .... I, ..., Grand Primo now presiding over this Lodge of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes will proceed according to the ancient usages of our Order, and in furtherance of the objects for which you have been elected, to induct you to the office of Primo, and will receive from you your solemn pledge, that you will at all times exercise the prerogatives and powers about to be entrusted to you in strict conformity with all the Principles received, imbibed, and inculcated, by all good and worthy Buffaloes.
Inasmuch as we deem it our highest privilege to be enabled, by the exercise of Justice, Truth and Philanthropy, to make our labours alike productive of interest and pleasure, so we exhort you to promote the well-being and well-doing of our Order, that you may thereby at all times succeed in securing the confidence and gratification of those with whom we are in union.
In the discharge of the duties attached to the office to which you will shortly he inducted, you will be called upon to hear and decide upon circumstances both Painful and Pleasing; to exercise the greatest Discretion and Forbearance, as well as Integrity, for the better disposition of weighty and important matters; to which end the more gentle virtues of Charity, Temperance, and Affability, must take precedence in all your labours, so that you may secure the impartial administration of the laws, the good order and prosperity of your Lodge, and DESERVE as well as obtain, the esteem of all good and worthy Brethren.
G.W. prepares Candidate.
Brother .... As you have been elected by the Lodge, and that election has been sanctioned by the Grand Lodge, to fill the high office of Primo in this Lodge and Order, I will now receive your solemn pledge that you will at all times act in strict conformity with the Laws and Principles received, imbibed, and inculcated, by all good and worthy Buffaloes.
Answer: I will.
That you will at all times, whether in this or any other Lodge, discharge the duties of your office with Firmness, Gentleness, and Impartiality.
Answer: I will.
That you will constantly and zealously devote yourself to the advancement of the Order; inculcate the principles of Brotherly Love in your intercourse with the Brethren, and never deviate from the landmarks of our Order: Justice, Truth and Philanthropy.
Answer: All these I promise faithfully.
I, ..., do in the presence of this Lodge, solemnly declare, by all the principles of Honour and Truth, that I will at all times faithfully keep the solemn promises which I have now made.
I further solemnly promise that I will never give, or in any way communicate, directly or indirectly, the Signs, tokens, and passwords, which may now, or hereafter be given to me, as lawfully appertaining to the Office or Degree of Primo, to anyone not known to me as a Primo, or until I have proved him to be so by a careful examination.
This declaration I have made with all solemnity and on oath without any equivocation or mental reservation whatever.
So help me. M.G.N., K.T.C.
Inasmuch then, as we esteem it our high and most valued privilege that we are enabled to receive your commendations and promises, and install you as a Primo of this our Ancient and Honourable Order, so we Desire, Entreat, and Enjoin all lawful Brethren on the face of the Globe to Acknowledge, Receive and Honour you as such; and we now dub you Primo, of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.
G.P. anoints.
Toast: All hail to our new-made Primo.
The Jewel to be presented.
Primo .... It only remains for me to attach this Jewel to your breast, in the name of the Lodge, as a visible and tangible recognition of your earnest work in Buffaloism, and the great respect the Brethren of this Lodge have for you. Wear it always in every Buffalo Lodge you enter, so that when a Brother sees your decoration it may incite him to follow your good example.
Address after Ceremony
G.P. addresses newly raised Brother, concluding with: Let Wisdom determine your judgments, Patience govern your temper, Perseverance sustain your endeavours, and Impartiality prove your guiding star.
Declaration by G.P. in Lodge of First Degree: Brethren. I, ..., Installing Officer, do declare that Bro. ... has been duly raised to the Second Degree, or that of Primo, and I now Desire, Entreat, and Enjoin all Lawful Brethren on the face of the Globe to Acknowledge, Receive, and Honour him as such.
The G P. then introduces and proposes and inducts the newly-made Primo, who will adjudicate upon three charges.
The Grand Primo will then propose the health of the Recipient, who will receive the congratulations of the Brethren assembled.
The signs, tokens and passwords will be given to the new Primo at the, next Meeting of Grand Lodge.
Lodge Business is resumed.