Sigma Chi
Initiation Ritual


Ritualistic Opening
The time for the Initiation having arrived, the Consul raps  * * * and challenges the Kustos.
CONSUL: Kustos, take your station.
Kustos takes his station at the door and the brothers take their respective places.
CONSUL, * * *: Are none but true Sgima Chis present?
KUSTOS: None, Worthy Consul.
CONSUL: In order that we may be doubly sure the Pro Consul and the Annotator shall pass the Challenge.
The Consul shall challenge first the Pro Consul and the Annotator. These officers shall in turn challenge the brothers next to them. These brothers in turn shall pass it on until the entire circle has been challenged. When the Pro Consul notices that all have been challenged, he shall turn to the Consul and give the sign of salutation, saying:
PRO CONSUL: Worthy Consul, all have been challenged.
CONSUL: Brothers, in what name come we hither?
BROTHERS: In the name of Friendship, Justice, and Learning.
The Pro Consul shall stand at the altar, before which the seven-branched candlestick shall have been placed before the opening. The Pro Consul shall light the seven tapers, in order from right to left as viewed from the chapter circle. As rapidly as each taper is lighted, the Consul shall pronounce in impressive voice the virtue it typifies.
Lighting of the Seven Lights
Only the phrase, “The Light of Courage,” etc. is given. The name of the Founder represented and the chapter response following the name of the Founder, are NOT given at the opening.
CONSUL: The Light of Courage. . . The Light of Wisdom. . . The Light of Integrity. . . The Light of High Ambition. . . The Light of Self-Control. . . The Light of Courtesy. . . The Light of Fidelity.
Brothers, what is true Sigma Chi enlightenment?
BROTHERS: That which we receive before the Seven Lights.
CONSUL: For what purpose do we receive this enlightenment?
BROTHERS: To ennoble our lives by the practice of the Seven Virtues.
CONSUL: Let us pray that we may be endowed with Friendship, Justice, and Learning.
The Prayer
PRO CONSUL: O God, Who has taught us that true friendship is true service, enable us, we pray Thee, so to befriend our brothers that we may assist them to attain those virtues which are pleasing to Thee.
PRO CONSUL: O Lord, our Judge, Who has commanded us to speak righteousness and to judge uprightly, grant that iniquity may not be found in our mouths, nor wickedness in our minds, but that from pure hearts we may speak and do those things that are just in Thy sight.
PRO CONSUL: O God, our Father, grant that we find in Thee the light of knowledge and the fullness of all virtue, and grant that while we seek for the gifts of learning we may never depart from Thee, the fountain of all wisdom.
The Pro Consul extinguishes the Seven Lights.
Entrance of the Magister & Candidates
CONSUL: Brothers, we are assembled to confer the honor of initiation upon … giving the full name or names.
Before we proceed to make them our brothers it is my duty to remind you that the ties by which we shall bind these candidates to our Fraternity are sacred. Therefore, I urge upon you to strive to make this initiation a true expression of the worth of the Fraternity into which they are entering. Let no levity nor unseemly conduct prevent them from learning those lessons whose meaning they must grasp if they are to be true Sigma Chis.
Let us remember that these lessons are also for us to follow; and in our thoughts, let us renew before our altar the lessons of The White Cross we love so well.
CONSUL, *: Brothers, be seated.
MAGISTER raps on the door with the rap code.
KUSTOS: Who comes here?
MAGISTER: Your Magister with friends, … giving the full name or names who desire admission into our Fraternity.
KUSTOS: In what name come you hither?
MAGISTER: In the name of Friendship, Justice and, Learning.
KUSTOS: I will report to our Worthy Brothers and inform you of their pleasure.
Kustos closes the door. If all is in readiness for the Initiation, the Kustos salutes the Consul with the sign of salutation, who responds with the sign of recognition; and the Kustos then opens the door.
KUSTOS: Brother, it is well; you are welcome. Bring with you your friends, and may they ever prove themselves worthy of our confidence.
The Magister enters and moves at the head of the procession immediately to the place where the candidates will take their station. Each candidate shall be conducted into the chapter room on the arm of his guide.
The Magister salutes the Consul with the sign of salutation, who responds with the sign of recognition.
The Vouching
CONSUL: Whom have we here?
MAGISTER. Worthy Consul, benighted candidates who desire admission into our Order.
CONSUL: Have they been duly obligated?
MAGISTER: They have, Worthy Consul.
CONSUL: Have they been duly examined?
MAGISTER: They have, Worthy Consul.
CONSUL: Have they been duly cleansed?
MAGISTER: They have, Worthy Consul.
CONSUL: Do you consider them worthy and well qualified?
MAGISTER: I do, Worthy Consul.
CONSUL: Are they duly vouched for?
MAGISTER: They are.
CONSUL: Who vouches for these candidates?
At this point the Magister gives a signal to those assembled and the response should be given in unison as follows:
ALL: We all do.
CONSUL: Then must they indeed be truly worthy.
The Enlightenment
CONSUL: My friend(s), you are now standing in the sacred shrine of Sigma Chi , whose beauties you do not appreciate because your eyes cannot see them. It is well, for the sight of our symbols, instead of accomplishing your enlightenment, would confuse your untutored mind(s).
By the manner of your enlightenment you will be reminded that the progress of true learning is gradual; for your light will increase as you advance in knowledge. Brother Magister, you will remove the blindfold(s).
The Magister assisted by the guides removes the blindfolds; while this is being done the room is darkened.
The Lighting of the Seven Candles
The Pro Consul standing at the right of the Consul shall be provided with a lighted taper for the purpose of lighting the candles in the seven-branched candlestick. The candles shall be lighted from right to left as viewed from the Chapter circle. When the room is darkened, save for the light of the taper, the Consul continues.
CONSUL: You will now hear the names of the seven Founders of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and the reasons why we honor them.
The Pro Consul lights the first candle. Having done so, and after a pause for the candle to be in full flame, the Consul shall pronounce in a solemn voice the name:
Benjamin Piatt Runkle
ALL: All honor to his name!
If desired, the Founders’ parts may be delivered by members of the Chapter other than the Consul.
CONSUL: As a student at Miami , he spurned the domination of those who sought to control his sense of duty, and the founding of Sigma Chi followed. Wounded as a volunteer soldier, he was left for dead upon the field of Shiloh , but lived to become a general.
His superb courage kept him always in the army of the nation for which he so often risked his life. He loved his country with an intense patriotism; and so he loved Sigma Chi all his days, giving to her the same full measure of devotion. His life inspires us to assume all the duties of citizenship in peace as well as in war. As he made sacrifices for his country so let us show our devotion to our country, by obedience to its laws and by our constant vigil for the betterment of city, state, and nation.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF COURAGE.
The Pro Consul lights the second candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
Thomas Cowan Bell
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: A genial comrade among his fellow students, he early displayed an ardent love for learning. In college he devoted himself to a wide range of reading, and his early writings show his scholarly tastes. He adopted education as a career and became a college president; and his genius for administration brought him financial independence. His learning ripened into wisdom, and his students were inspired to acquire knowledge not only for its power but for its highest purpose, the development of character. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom and that getteth understanding. She is more precious than rubies. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left, riches and honor.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF WISDOM.
The Pro Consul lights the third candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
William Lewis Lockwood
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: He guided the finances of our first chapter until his graduation from college. His business records show the integrity and promptness with which he completed every transaction of the chapter. Suffering from the wounds of war, the young soldier bravely fought the battle of life. He met the business world with confidence and won success through fairness and rectitude. He was engaging in manner and cultured, sacrificing and generous; given to philanthropic service, and had that high sense of honor which scorns deception and trickery. Though taken early by his honorable wounds, his life is a rich legacy to Sigma Chi, inspiring us to discharge every financial obligation; to live prudently within our means; to appreciate the dignity of labor; and to be trustworthy in every relation.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF INTEGRITY.
The Pro Consul lights the fourth candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
Isaac M. Jordan
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: In college he was known for his energy and for his faithful performance of every task. His brilliance as an orator, his leadership in law, his usefulness as a member of Congress, were the natural fruits of his high ambition, studious habits, and untiring industry. His life teaches us that the highest success may be achieved by energy, persistence, good habits, and high ideals. With affability, sincerity, and earnestness he used to the utmost the high powers of mind and heart with which nature endowed him. In the height of his success he was proud to say: “Sigma Chi was my first love, and it shall be my last.” His zeal in his profession, in the duties of citizenship, and for the advancement of our Fraternity, inspires us to follow in his footsteps and emulate his success.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF HIGH AMBITION.
The Pro Consul lights the fifth candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
Daniel William Cooper
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: His temperance, self-control, and purity in thought, word, and deed reflected the nobility of his character. By common choice, he was Consul of our first chapter until his graduation. As a noble preacher of the Cross he gave his long and useful life to lead men to spiritual heights. As long as Sigma Chi shall live, his example will teach us to abhor intemperance, impurity, and the debasement of the body, which is the temple of God . Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. In his name let us practice self-control, exalt morality, and reverence religion. He that ruleth his spirit is better than he that taketh a city.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF SELF-CONTROL.
The Pro Consul lights the sixth candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
Franklin Howard Scobey
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: Warm-hearted, generous, and gifted, he possessed remarkable ability to win friends and to hold their loyal friendship. His courtesy and tact were not simply matters of social form but were the outgrowth of a spirit of kindness and good-will. In the difficulties and trials of building the Fraternity his optimism dissipated all discouragement, for his name on the roll meant his heart in the work. His enthusiasm for his Chapter, and for the Fraternity as it grew, gave courage to his associates. Throughout his life and even in the affliction of his later years he radiated hopefulness and good cheer. And now abideth faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love.
To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF COURTESY.
The Pro Consul lights the seventh candle; and, as before, the Consul shall pronounce the name:
James Parks Caldwell
ALL: All honor to his name!
CONSUL: Youngest among the Founders of our Fraternity, nevertheless he was held in honor among them for his faithfulness. While a prisoner of war, he was offered his freedom on condition that he renounce his allegiance to the Confederacy, but fidelity to principle caused him to remain true to the Southland. In like manner he ever remained loyal to Sigma Chi. He was possessed of a fine mind, unusual attainments in scholarship, and a chivalrous disposition. He was a brilliant writer and an able lawyer. In these callings he sacrificed advantages which might have been his had he forsaken his fixed ideals. His sense of honor and responsibility teaches us to be true to the trust reposed in us by our kindred, our associates, our college, and our Fraternity. Be thou faithful unto death and thou shalt receive a crown of life. To him is dedicated this LIGHT OF FIDELITY.
CONSUL: Candidate(s), these seven lights represent Courage, Wisdom, Integrity, High Ambition, Self-Control, Courtesy, and Fidelity. You will observe that the lights are supported by seven arms, branching from one common standard. The union of the arms with the standard is emblematic of the strength of your character when endowed with the virtues we emulate.
The Three Great Aims  

This portion may be delivered by a Chapter member other than the Consul.
CONSUL: The Three Great Aims of this Fraternity are Friendship, Justice, and Learning. They contain the elements of a complete personality; for Friendship is the noblest expression of our emotions; Justice must dominate every decision of the will; and Learning is the goal of every trained intellect.
These have been the great aims of our Fraternity from its beginning. The trials to which our Founders were subjected bound them together in an unusually close and enduring friendship. The inception of Sigma Chi was a protest against injustice in their college life. All of our founders were proficient as students and most of them entered the learned professions.
The Seven Virtues which we emulate are closely related to these Three Great Aims. Courtesy and Fidelity are noble expressions of true Friendship; Courage and Integrity must ever characterize our sense of Justice; Wisdom and Self-control will follow Learning; while these Three Great Aims are true goals of High Ambition.
The Appearance of Constantine
CONSUL: In order that you may still better understand the meaning and importance of the Seven Virtues and the Three Great Aims of this Fraternity, I shall now call upon our ancient patron, the Emperor Constantine, to give you further light. May you profit by his teachings.
The Consul extends his hand and looks toward the place where Constantine is to appear.
Constantine appears at the Scene. The seven lights are left burning until after the obligation.
CONSTANTINE : Hear the words of one who in his own day was mighty. I, Constantine, the Emperor, address you, that I may enlist your lifelong devotion to my cause. You have taken vows of eternal friendship and manly honor. Let your friendship be enduring and your life beyond reproach.
The light of the Scene is turned on. The candidates are in a position where they may clearly see the Scene.
Observe these emblems of mortality. In the chill arms of death we must all at last repose. The young, the strong, the buoyant, the happy, and the beautiful must all, like the weak, the poor, and the wretched, succumb at last. But we are taught that he who nobly lives may nobly die, an honest man, the noblest work of God.
A short pause.
Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, before the evil days come, and the years draw nigh when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them; before the sun and the light and the moon and the stars are darkened and man goeth to his everlasting home and the mourners go about the streets; before the silver cord is loosed, or the golden bowl is broken, or the pitcher is broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern, and the dust returneth to the earth as it was and the spirit returneth to God who gave it.
A short pause.
A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeable. Death cannot kill what never dies, nor can spirits ever be divided that love and live in friendship; this is the comfort of friends, that though they may be said to die, yet their friendship and society are in the best sense ever present, because immortal.
A short pause.
You will fall upon your knees, close your eyes, and engage in silent prayer to Almighty God.
While the candidate(s) kneel(s) with bowed head(s), The White Cross appears. Constantine points to The Cross.
Lift your eyes heavenward, and look! When disaster was imminent, in my despair I was inspired to forsake the gods of stone; I besought the God of the Christians for mercy; in answer to my prayer The White Cross appeared unto me in the heavens and an angel said: “Thou shalt make a representation of the sign thou hast seen; of gold and precious stones shalt thou make it. It shall be thine emblem and the emblem of thy followers henceforth and forevermore.” Amen! Amen.
Constantine retires.
CONSUL: You will arise. In the presence of this scene which conveys its own somber lesson to every sensitive heart and intelligent mind; and after I charge you that this Fraternity is banded together for the practice of pure and steadfast friendship toward every worthy brother until death; of strict justice to all men; for the acquirement and diffusion of true learning, and for the practice of the Seven Virtues of which we have learned – and that this requires more of you than the world requires of other men – is it still your desire to become a member of this Fraternity, knowing that your obligations are of lifelong duration?
The candidate(s) must make an affirmative answer.
CONSUL: Friend(s), kneel upon your right knee; place your left hand upon your left breast; raise your right hand; and repeat after me:
The Obligation
To insure absolute accuracy, this obligation may be read.
I, … repeat your name, / of my own free will, / before the All-seeing Eye of Almighty God / and in the presence of this Chapter, / do sincerely promise and solemnly swear / that I will keep inviolably secret / everything connected with my Initiation / and all that is contained in the Ritual / and Ritualistic Statutes of this Fraternity; / also each and every secret sign, / symbol, password, and grip / of the Fraternity / which I have learned, / or may hereafter learn. / I will neither write / nor otherwise record the secret mottoes / or the description of the grips, of this Fraternity / in any manner whatsoever. / Nor will I, for any reason, / copy any portion of the Ritual without legal permission / as provided by the Constitution. /
I will cheerfully obey all of the laws of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, / and of … Chapter, / and of any chapter of which I may hereafter become a member. / Furthermore, I will at all times, / throughout life as well as in college, / use my utmost endeavor in all honorable ways / to promote the welfare and prosperity / of this Fraternity and its individual members. / And, above all, I will ever strive / to interpret the ideals of this Fraternity / in my own personal character and conduct. / These promises I make for all time, / to be equally binding while in or out of this Fraternity, / under the stigma of committing moral perjury, / if at any time I violate this my solemn oath / and binding obligation, / so help me God.
CONSUL: You will arise.
The seven lights are extinguished.
The Presentation of the Badge
CONSUL: The great moment of your life has come. We are about to place upon your breast The White Cross of Sigma Chi, and you are about to learn the significance of our beautiful emblem. To wear it worthily will require an exercise of all the good qualities of your character and all the strength of your manhood. To the world, it will identify you as a Sigma Chi. To your brothers, it will have a deeper meaning, standing for the noble qualities of your heart. When they see The White Cross upon your breast, they will believe you to be true, brave, honest, and full of that brotherly love taught by the Christ of whom our badge reminds us.
Your quest for The White Cross was a symbolic mission, that you were caused to undertake for your own good. You did not find what you sought. You may never find it. A Sigma Chi wears upon his breast a badge which is a representation of The White Cross, but The White Cross itself is an ideal. Your search for it is emblematic of your course in college and your career throughout life, which ought to be so conducted that you will always be finding what is noblest and best. In your Interview others put severe questions to you. Henceforth you will have to be the judge of your own faithfulness in seeking what is worthy. The Cross is the emblem of sacrifice. Let it remind you that no achievement is accomplished without both sacrifice and service; and that only as The Cross conquers in your heart can you attain the ideals for which it stands.
Until this time the badges which are to be presented have been kept from view. The Pro Consul now produces them, arranged upon a suitable tray, and bears them to the Consul. The Consul shall take the badges singly from the tray, placing one upon the left breast of each initiate and saying to each:
CONSUL: My Brother, may you wear this Cross through life without soiling the purity of its whiteness or dimming the luster of its gold.
The Consul returns to his station.
The Explanation of the Badge
The representation of the Badge is illuminated at this point.
CONSUL, or may be delivered by another chapter member: Observe now this representation of The Cross you wear, and give heed to the meaning of its emblems. The Badge of this Fraternity is the Sigma Chi Cross of gold, indicating true worth. The arms of white enamel are emblematic of the purity of our motives and the high sense of honor which should characterize all our actions. The black enamel surrounding the letters in the center of the Badge reminds us of the secrecy which guards the mottoes for which the letters stand. Upon the upper arm are crossed keys, emblematic of our duty to unlock the secrets of learning and of the access of each to his brother's heart. Upon the right arm is an eagle's head, emblematic of our lofty aspirations. Upon the left arm is a scroll, typifying our literary character. Upon the lower arm are clasped hands, denoting friendship; and seven stars, indicating the perpetuity of our union and the equality and brotherhood of our chapters.
The chains connecting the right and left arms with the top of The Cross teach us that we are bound by a double obligation; for the duties which we owe to the Chapter and to the Fraternity at large are equally imperative. As the absence of one chain destroys the symmetry of the Badge, so the neglect of either obligation will mar your character as a Sigma Chi.
The Explanation of the Grand Seal
The representation of the Seal is illuminated at this point.
CONSUL, or may be delivered by another chapter member: Around the circumference of the Grand Seal is the name of our Fraternity. The numerals 1855 represent the year of our origin. The seven stars indicate the perpetuity of our union. They also remind us of the Seven Founders of our Fraternity, and of the seven virtues which we teach in their names. The seven-branched candlestick in Holy Writ exemplifies perpetual illumination. In Sigma Chi it reminds us of our enlightenment, and that our obligations are of lifelong duration.
Entering a Chapter Meeting
CONSUL: The Pro Consul will now instruct you in the manner of gaining admission to a chapter meeting and in the use of the Challenge by which you may recognize a Sigma Chi.
PRO CONSUL: When a brother desires to enter a chapter meeting, he shall rap at the door; the Kustos will answer with any number of raps on the inner side of the door. The brother desiring admission will then answer with one less rap.
The Challenge Lecture
PRO CONSUL: To determine who is a Sigma Chi the challenger gives the sign of salutation demonstrates, which should never be used where there is danger of detection. The meaning is Sigma Chi. The person challenged, if a Sigma Chi, responds with the countersign of recognition demonstrates, which is used only in answer to the sign of salutation. Its meaning is the same, Sigma Chi.
The permanent password, Constantine , is then used in this manner.
The brother challenging asks: “Are you a Sigma Chi?”
The answer is: “I am.”
The challenger says: “Begin.”
The brother challenged responds: “Con”
The challenger answers: “Stan”
The brother challenged responds: “Tine”
Either brother may then apply such further tests as he shall see fit.
The challenge grip is then given, and while giving it the challenger speaks the first secret motto, say-kahs-kar-ah-tahs.
Its meaning is Shrine of Friendship.
The challenged responds with the second secret motto, steggah-man-krees-tose. Its meaning is We Protect the Worthy
In our ordinary association with our brothers, however, the fraternal grip is given and not the challenge grip.
The Challenge Exemplification
PRO CONSUL: I will now request two of our brothers to exemplify the whole challenge, while I explain it further.
The Pro Consul designates two brothers, who come forward and exchange the entire challenge. They must proceed slowly, so as to give the Pro Consul time for the explanations; and for this purpose the whole form should be made a matter of careful rehearsal beforehand.
The First Brother gives the sign of salutation.
PRO CONSUL: This is the sign of salutation. He indicates its formation. Its meaning is Sigma Chi.
The Second Brother gives the sign of recognition.
PRO CONSUL: This is the sign of recognition. He indicates its formation. Its meaning is the same, Sigma Chi. These signs are used only in fraternal salutation and never where there is danger of detection.
FIRST BROTHER: Are you a Sigma Chi?
PRO CONSUL: This is our permanent password, whose meaning and relevance you understand. At this point either brother may apply such further tests as he shall see fit.
The First and Second Brothers exchange the challenge grip.
PRO CONSUL: This is the challenge grip. He indicates its formation. Its meaning is Sigma Chi.
FIRST BROTHER, gives the first secret motto: Say-kahs-kar-ah-tahs.
PRO CONSUL: This is our first secret motto, repeating it say-kahs-kar-ah-tahs. Its meaning is Shrine of Friendship.
SECOND BROTHER, gives the second secret motto: Stegg-ah-man-krees-tose.
PRO CONSUL: This is our second secret motto, repeating it stegg-ah-man-krees-tose. Its meaning is We Protect the ….
The First and Second Brothers exchange the fraternal grip.
PRO CONSUL: This is our fraternal grip. He indicates its formation. In our ordinary associations with our brothers this grip is given, and not the challenge grip.
By means of the Challenge we determine who are true brothers. Everyone admitted to our Chapter meetings is put to these tests. Should you ever visit another chapter, and be unable to answer the Challenge, your ignorance would not only cause you embarrassment, but would arouse the suspicion that you are an impostor.
PRO CONSUL, addressing First and Second Brothers: Brothers, I thank you. They resume their places in the circle.
The Pro Consul salutes the Consul with the sign of salutation, who responds with the sign of recognition; and the Pro Consul resumes his station.
The Enrolment
CONSUL: Brothers, for by that endearing name we are now privileged to address you, having assumed your obligations and responsibilities, you now have the honor of recording your name upon the roll of the initiates of … Chapter.
The official Roll Book as pre p a red and issued by the General Fraternity must be used. The Magister shall conduct each initiate to the Annotator’s stand for his enrolment. After the initiate has signed the Roll with first middle and last names spelled out without use of initials, the Annotator shall salute the Consul.
ANNOTATOR: Worthy Consul, it is written ….
Reads the entire name of the initiate in a clear voice; and the Magister shall re-conduct the initiate to his place before the Consul.
The Pro Consul shall light the tapers, in order from right to left as viewed from the chapter circle.
The Charge
CONSUL: My brothers, having been found worthy, you have had the ceremonies of Initiation conferred upon you, a distinction which but few merit, and an honor to which but few attain. By this act of ours you know yourself to be the special object of our esteem. By this act of ours you know that our implicit confidence is placed in you. You are never to engage in anything that would prove derogatory to your character as a high-minded man and a gentleman. Let your conduct at all times be an evidence to the world of the noble purposes and designs of this Fraternity. Let your motives be pure and honest, and in your intercourse with others let your deportment be genteel and affable, being ever mindful of what you speak, to whom, when, and where. In a word, let your life be an exemplary one; by so doing you will not only identify yourself with respectable society, but you will advance the interests of the Fraternity of which you now have the honor of being a member.
Our brothers, who are found in all parts of the world–North, South, East, and West–and on whose breasts glitters in its purity, the emblem or our Fraternity, will always receive you with welcome hands and warm hearts, and stand ever ready to assist you in time of need. Henceforth you are bound to us by the most sacred ties of friendship and love. In weal or in woe, in sickness or health, in poverty or wealth, through youth, manhood, and old age, you are indissolubly linked to us by that firm chain, the links of which can only be broken by the angel of death. Your joys, your sorrows, your afflictions, have all become ours. When the dark clouds of adversity gather around you and your heart is sore, your faith weak, and your courage well-nigh gone, forget not that there are strong arms around you, true hearts upon which to rest, and tender sympathies from which to draw consolation for the past, comfort for the present, and hope for the future.
Remember, too, that the bond is reciprocal. To you we have committed the care of our reputation, and our honor is in your keeping.
The stain of dishonor will blacken not your character alone, but will also rest upon us. Think no thought, utter no word, do no deed, which will, through you, cause the name of Sigma Chi to be dishonored.
Strive ever to conform to that standard of manhood which is noblest and best. Cherish within your heart the love of those principles which control and direct the actions of all truly honorable men, keeping ever before you the obligations which you have voluntarily taken upon yourself. Let your whole life be such that when you go down to the dark river of death and its chill water dampens your feet, you may be able to say, looking back over your past life: “I have fought the good fight; I have finished my work; The White Cross of Sigma Chi has gained new luster by my life.”
Bidding you Godspeed, my brothers, I greet you forever in the sacred bonds of Sigma Chi.
Here the Consul goes to each initiate and gives him the fraternal grip, after which he returns to his station.
CONSUL: Magister, you will conduct our new brothers to their proper place in the circle.
The Friendship Circle
CONSUL to the new initiates: At the Chapter meeting closing it is traditional to conduct the Friendship Circle, which is begun by the Consul passing around the circle, commencing with the Annotator, giving to each Brother in turn the fraternal grip and saying “I seek true friendship.” And, the answer from each Brother is: “You find it here.” As I proceed around the circle, I am followed closely by the Annotator, whom the Brothers shall follow consecutively, starting with the most recent initiate.
Ritualistic Closing
CONSUL: Brothers, the time of closing is at hand. As we separate, let us resolve anew to wear The White Cross worthily through life and to help one another to attain its virtues.
The Consul raps * * *; he then passes around the circle, commencing with the Annotator, giving to each brother in turn the fraternal grip and saying:
CONSUL: I seek true friendship.
BROTHER: You find it here.
After the Consul has proceeded around the entire circle, he shall resume his place; the Consul shall be followed closely by the Annotator, whom the brothers shall follow consecutively in the order of their seating, each saying in turn to the remaining members of the circle:
BROTHER: I seek true friendship.
OTHER BROTHER: You find it here.
After all of the brothers have passed the Pro Consul who has been the last in the circle they shall return to their places.
CONSUL: Who is our Ancient Patron?
BROTHERS: Constantine , who conquered by The Cross.
CONSUL, giving the sign of salutation:  Brothers, guard well the honor of The Cross.
BROTHERS, giving the sign of recognition: In Hoc Signo Vinces.
CONSUL: Brothers, we part in unity.
BROTHERS: So mote it be.