Woodmen / Foresters Library

A collection of rituals and documentation of various fraternal organizations related to woods, including some orders that merged with Woodmen or Forester orders.

The contents of this collection (in PDF-files):  

Modern Woodmen of America
Official Ritual of Modern Woodmen of America, 1939
Drill and Axe Manual (Vol. 1 – Floor Drills), 1900
Ritual for Women’s Camps, 1929
By-Laws, 1897 

Patriottic Order of Junior Woodmen

Ritual, 1904

Royal Neighbors of America
Rituals for Local Camps 1921
Ritual for Local Camps, 1951

Woodmen of the World
Ritual, 1903
Ritual of the Sovereign Camp, 1897
Drill Regulations Uniform Rank, 1914

Woodmen Circle

Ritual for Local Groves Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle, 1926

United Order of the Golden Cross

Ritual for Subordinate Commanderies, 1905
Constitution and Laws, 1891

Order of Railroad Telegraphers

Constitution, 1919

Ancient Order of United Workmen

Ritual, 1924
By-Laws and General Laws, 1918

Southern Woodmen
Ritual, 1915

Eminent Household of Columbian Woodmen
Authentic Ritual, 1910

Ancient Order of Foresters (AOF)
Simplified and Amplified Ritual, 1907
Ritual of the AOF of America, 1891
Ritual of the AOF of New Zealand, 1962
General Laws of the High Court US, 1909
AOF 1834-1984 150 years / Walter G. Cooper
The AOF : Its Evolution 1834-2000 / Audrey Fisk
Grandfather was in the AOF
By the Members - For the Members
In Sickness and the Promotion of Health

Independent Order of Foresters (IOF)
Ritual for Subordinate Courts, 1896
Ritual for Subordinate Courts, 1986
Ritual of the Royal Foresters, 1892
Foresters Illustrated, United Order of Foresters / Independent Order of Foresters, 1895
Ritual of the Juvenile Foresters IOF, 1892
Constitution IOF 2001
Fraternally Yours : A History of the IOF, 1967 

Order of Scottish Clans

Ritual of a Subordinate Clan, 1940
Ritual of a Ladies' Auxiliary, 1952
Ritual Daughters of Scotia, Ladies' Auxiliary, 1975

Brotherhood of the American Yeomen
Ritual, 1927
Ritual, n.d.

Catholic Order of Foresters
Ceremonial 1926

National Catholic Society of Foresters
Ritual, 1969

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