Order of Freemasons of the Holy Royal Arch under the Grand Chapter of the Netherlands.


This particular form of freemasonry was introduced in the Netherlands in 1948. A local branch is called a chapter and is open for those who are Master Masons for over a year. The internal  regulations have some additional conditions.
Especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries this form of freemasonry is one of the most important and wide-spread methods worked in.
The ritual tells of the old-testamentic theme of the rebuilding of King Solomon's Temple. The rituals has to give the 'sojourner' a deeper insight in the nature of the Supreme Being.
The theme of this order is: Unity, Peace and Truth.
Chapters usually meet five times a year.
At this time there are 24 Chapters working under the Dutch Grand Chapter, including one in Paramaribo, Surinam.

Nos Vinxit Libertas 1, Amsterdam (Chapter of instruction)

De Sluitsteen 2, Amsterdam
Triple Tau 3, Amsterdam
Zwaard en Troffel 4, Groningen
De Binding 6, Rotterdam
De Gouden Cirkel 8, Den Haag
Zebulon 9, Haarlem
Invenimus 10, Amersfoort
De Gouden Driehoek 11, Den Haag (now defunct)
De Leeuw van Judah 13, Hengelo
De Gouden Schake 14, Arnhem
De Gouden Sleutel 15, Paramaribo
De Regenboog 16, Zaandam
Lux et Pax 17, Eindhoven
Eurekamen 19, Utrecht
Relation 22, Vlissingen
De Twaalf Stammen 23, Zwolle
Dr. Caron 24, Bussum (now defunct)
Het Derde Teken 25, Amstelveen (now defunct)
Getrouwheid 26, Emmen
De Zes Lichten 27, Heerenveen
Concord 28, Rotterdam
Koning Salomo 29, Delft (now defunct)
Het Verbond 30, Bergen op Zoom
Het Sticht 31, Amersfoort (now defunct)
Har Harmoriah 32, Gouda
Mergelland 33, Maastricht
Haganum 34, Leiden
Het Zegel van Salomo 35, Alkmaar

The ritual shows great resemblances with the ritual in one of the degrees of the Scottish Rite: Royal Arch. Both rituals tell the discovery of a secret vault that is found when rebuilding King Solomon's Temple. Inside that vault a stone with the name of God is found. The ritual for the installation of the  Princepes complete this story.

From this order members can be invited to several other orders, including the Order of Royal and Select Masters, the Mark Masters, the Order of the Red Cross of Constantine, and the Order of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem.

Statuten van de Orde van Vrijmetselaren onder het Heilig Koninklijk Gewelf (Dutch)
Wetboek van de Orde van Vrijmetselaren onder het Heilig Koninklijk Gewelf
Reglement op de Regalia, 2001 (Dutch)
Annual Report Grootkapittel 2000 (Dutch)

On our Libraries Freemasonry and York Rite Library we have published a number of rituals and other texts.