Fratres Lucis

Fratres Lucis is een afsplitsing van de vrijmetselaarsorde Order of the Rosy Cross. Er is nagenoeg niets over gepubliceerd. Het is onwaarschijnlijk dat deze orde nog bestaat.

De orde kent een vijftal graden:
Knight Novice of the Third Year
Knight Novice of the Fifth Year
Knight Novice of the Seventh Year
Knight Levite
Knight Priest. 
Part One
To the Seven Wise Fathers, Heads of the Seven Churches of Asia; Health, Happiness and Peace by the Holy Numbers.
As Peace, both Inward and Outward, depends in all Societies on their Outward and Inward Organization, certain Laws are necessary to effect this, and to maintain a regular activity. For this reason We (the Preceptorial Chapter) command;
Section One
That the whole system of the Knights and Brothers of Light be divided into Five Sections and Degrees, as follows:
1. Knight Novice of the Third Year.
2. Knight Novice of the Fifth Year.
3. Knight Novice of the Seventh Year.
4. Knight Levite.
5. Knight Priest.
Each Assembly shall be presided over by a Preceptor of Novices and termed a Chapter, adding the title of the age, as The Chapter of Knights Novices of the Third Year; and so of the others, the Chapter of Levites and finally the Chapter of Priests.
Section Two
The Perfected Chapters in Europe shall take rank according to their strength, power and date of Constitution.
In each Province the number of Novices shall not exceed those of Third Year, 5 x 27 = 135. Of the fifth Year, 4 x 27 = 108. Of the Seventh Year, 3 x 27= 81. Of Knight Levites, 2 x 27 = 54, and of the Priests 27 only.
Each Chapter shall consist of 19 Active Members; and promising Novices of the Third Year, whilst awaiting a vacancy, shall study only the theory of Physics.
All Chapters and All Provincial Chapters shall be governed by the Preceptorial Chapter of Europe.
Section Three
1. It is ordered that, at the Election of Officers, no Novice whether of the Third, Fifth or Seventh Year can hold a seat or have a vote upon any matter.
2. No Levite by himself alone can hold a sitting or vote, but when assembled together each has one vote.
3. Every Priest may hold a seat and have a vote in the Chapter in which he happens to be, whether that of Novices, Levites or his own.
Section Four
1. The building in which the Knights and Brethren assemble must be  sufficiently spacious and isolated and suitable for the business; i.e., it shall have at least four chambers of which the first serves as an ante-chamber.
2. The walls shall be hung with red stuff, having a green stripe at the edges; On each wall shall be seven lustres with three lights each.
3. In the middle of the Hall shall be a candelabrum with seven golden candlesticks.
4. The Altar shall be approached by Steps of the Mystic Number. It is curtained off and made to represent the Holy of Holies
The Election.
1. Election shall take place not later than seven o’clock.
2. The Novices remain in the Outer Chamber, but are armed with drawn swords and act as Guards.
3. The Chapter is opened in Due ‘Form.
4. The Provincial Administrator, presiding, rings the bell seven times and thus addresses the Chapter; Our Assembly, Revd. and Mighty Brethren, has for its cause a serious matter, which has already been explained to you.
Your choice is to fill the post with a Potent and Revd. Brother who may, as head of our Province, take right good care of it, and of the whole of our Sublime Order in general. Try so to make this choice that you may fearlessly give account of it to fhe Supreme and Infinite Being.
The votes are now taken in a dignified manner and the newly Elected Brother is led to the Altar to be installed.
Chancellor reads Psalm 2, “Why do the heathen rage”, etc., through down to the end, “Trust in Him.”
The Knight Chancellor, Assessor and Sword Bearer then uncover the Chest and Head of the new Elect. Other appropriate Ritual is introduced and the Provincial Administrator addresses him thus;
Q.: Reverend Brother, dost thou promise to believe to the end of thy life in the good Author of all Creatures?
A.: I promise.
Q.: Reverend Brother, dost thou promise to observe duly the statutes of the Orders of Knights and Brothers of Light, and never to try to diminish or change them, and in accordance with these laws to leave to each one his rights and never forsake them?
A.: I promise.
Q.: Reverend Brother, dost thou promise to love the Knights and Brothers of Light and all fellow members even as thyself, and to render to everyone such service as may be expected from thee?
A.: I promise.
Having accepted these Vows, the Chancellor takes up the Golden Cup in which the Priest’s Oil is kept and anoints the Crown of the Head of the Elect, in the pattern of two pieces of a tree bent in the shape of a Cross, saying: (Chancellor) God elects you as the Chief of the Elect. He then anoints Left Hand, Heart and Right Hand, saying: David said to the Philistine, thou dost threaten me with thy sword, thy spear and shield, but I draw near to thee in the Name of the Lord, the God of Israel whom thou hast defied.
Chancellor then places Cap on the Head of the Elect and Robes him, saying: He who is the Chief Priest amongst his Brothers on whose
Head has been poured the Holy Chrism and whose Hand has been touched should be clothed with the Sacerdotal Robe, and let him not uncover his head nor rend his robe.
The Newly Installed is then suitably extolled upon the grave responsibilities of his office and the following Invocation given; (Rev. ii, 7,8 & 17; iv, 5.)
“He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradise of God. And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; these things saith the first and the last, which was dead and is alive. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. And out of the Throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.” And may God bless you and keep you, may God instruct you and be gracious unto you, may God turn his countenance upon you and give you peace.
Section Five
On Disability for Election: Disobedience to rule is one and punishable by the Chapter.
Section Six
Crimes in general, and their Punishment: Revolutionists, Slanderers, Infidels and Immoral Persons shall be excluded.
Section Seven
Must provide how Complaints are to be made.
Section Eight
Must provide how Right Order is to be maintained.
Section Nine
1. The Poor are to be assisted with Alms.
2. The Sick are to be provided for.
Section Ten
Imposts and Dues fixed by the Chapter shall be paid yearly on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist.
Section Eleven
Chronology of the Order. Era begins with Reform of St. John the Evangelist, A.D. 40. Thus 1781=1741.
Section Twelve
Conduct of Correspondence to be duly regulated.
Section Thirteen
Business details provided for.
Part Two
Section One

First Degree

Knight Novice of Third Year

1. The Knight Novice must be a legal Freemason.
2. He must be without moral or physical defect.
3. He must belong to no secret society opposed to us.
4. He must be 27 years old and 7 years a Freemason.
5. He must be a friend to the poor and no persecutor.
6. He must not be disputatious or quarrelsome.
Section Two
Of the Chevalier and Ceremony of Reception
7. He is led into separate room and met by Introductor.
8. He has three Admonishments to him to turn back.
9. If he does not cease to entreat, put on Masonic dress.
10. He is asked his age and how long a Freemason.
11. In what Lodge admitted.
12. Is requested to give Sign of the Degree, and then prepared.
13. He is led forward into Chamber of Reception and placed at end of table.
14. Secretary orders him to give Sign of Master.
15. Chapter gives assent by bending the head.
16. Secretary now explains: This worthy Master Mason claims to be admitted into the Chapter of Knights of the Third Year and Brothers of Light who are responsible for him; he is therefore accepted by the choice of the Province, therefore let him be called upon to sign an Obligation.
17. I, ..., A Master Mason, do sincerely promise before God and as an honest man, that I will conform myself to all the mysteries and all the articles that shall be read to me by the Revd. Wise and Worthy Chapter of the Knights and Brothers of Light and Novices of the Third Year, even if they shall seem to be unheard of and troublesome to follow, and that I will regard them as the revelation of the Ultimate Forces of Nature.
18. When the Obligation has to be taken, the following is read: The general articles on the duties of the Very Reverend and Most Worshipful Seven Fathers, the Heads of the Seven Churches of Asia.
1. The Mason who wishes to be received as a Knight and Brother of Light as a Novice of the Third Year, must promise to attempt nothing generally or singularly, under any pretext, against all or any who are or who may be in future members of the Sublime Order of the Very Reverend Potent and Wise Knights and Brothers of Light, or against any of the Degrees wherewith he may be connected in the different Chapters; nor attempt anything against the Community, but on the contrary he will, as far as in him lies, dispel and divert every danger and injustice.
2. He must promise complete submission and obedience to the Laws of the Order.
3. Since all mysteries of this Sublime Order are derived from the True Light, he must promise to follow them to his life’s end, and neither asking by whom they were given nor from whence taken or may be taken. “Whoso seeth the Light clearly must be indifferent as to its source.” The history of all times will more than justify this necessity.
4. He must promise to protect as far as possible the Third Degree of Freemasonry as the Elementary School of our Sublime Order and render every service which he can to its enlargement.
5. He must promise to protect the Revd., Potent and Wise Order of Knights and Brothers of Light with all his power, to contribute in an honest and active way to its enlargement, to defend its members in true, sincere and fraternal love, to help them, to recognize their claims, and to love each severely and in all sincerity with such a love as all Nature implants in brothers for each other.
6. Q. Do you sincerely promise to conform to the Rules?
A. I promise it.
A Hymn Is Sung
Procession is formed and all enter Chapter Room
Preceptor of Novices questions Candidate on various points: His Name? Birthplace? When born? Age? Where wert thou initiated into Freemasonry? What Master admitted thee?
When didst thou become a Master Mason? Who received thee a Master Mason? How long hast thou been a Free Mason? How long hast thou been a Master?
When all these Questions have been answered and entered in the Register, and it has been notified that the Novice has been Seven Years a Mason, the document is read over by the Secretary.
For a time a Solemn Silence reigns in the Chapter.
Revd. Preceptor of Novices rings Bell 3 times repeated 3 times, then reads Psalm 8, v. 3, also Revelations 2, vs.7-8; then says: Pray, my Brother, that the Grand Elements of all Creation, the 1, 3, 5 & 7 may be with us that they may lead thee on the Path thou are entering.
(Novice is now divested of Master Mason’s apron and is clothed with that of the First Degree of Brother of Light.)
A Psalm Is Read
Preceptor of Novices. Thou hast been brought hither, my son, in order to study the Laws of God’s Eternal Wisdom. His Justice, His Mercy and His Omnipotence. Our desire is that thou come amongst us with a pure heart, in a spirit of good will, of obedience, submission, and with ardor and love to study the True Wisdom. If, my son, thou givest thyself with good will and with sincere heart to embrace the pure Light, we will freely teach thee our mysteries with a light sincerity of heart and still greater desire, and by gradual steps according to thy strength of mind we will lead thee to where thou canst thyself enter into Light. (A pause.)
Now, my dear Brother, to aid the beginning of our trust in thee, give us a final token of obedience. Pronounce the Oath which I now require of thee; the Infinite Justice will judge of the quality of mind and will reward or punish thee accordingly.
The Curtain or Veil of the Holy of Holies is raised.
Preceptor of Novices: Pray to God in your heart that He may bless the Oath of the Brother Novice, in his heart, who hath just entered himself.


I, ..., swear by the only Law of the True and Unknown Being, that I will continue faithful all my life to the duties of a Knight and Brother of Light. If I violate a single one of them, may my Superiors, by the miraculous powers of magic, make me the most pitiable of creatures; may the powers of evil rise up against me for ever; those cruel spirits which hide themselves from the Light; may the Mighty Princes of Darkness assemble all the terrors of night around me like a dark cloud, and withdraw all the Light from my Spirit, from my Soul and from my Body, and may the Spirit of Good, which is One in Three, shut me out for ever from mercy.
He is then entrusted with the S. T. & W.
Second Master of Novices. From remote times, my Brother Knight Novice, there have been certain persons, united in mysterious and indissoluble bonds, who have endeavoured by uniting their power to probe the occult forces of Being and to prove them. Such societies have gone under many and varied names. They have hidden their Science, Studies and Mysteries in hieroglyphics which none could understand except their Disciples; they acted thus with great prudence, in order to increase the sanctity and make them less common, and in truth it would be dangerous to the world to make known powers which the welfare of the world requires should be kept secret. These various societies were seated at this or that place according to their leaders, but their center was always in Asia.
Some of the Knights who took part in the wars against the Saracens were initiated by these societies, and from all sorts of error come hatred, jealousy, persecution, greed, calumny, false witness, and lastly, death; so a portion of this Society that has learned many occult Mysteries in Asia, perished by a thousand
tortures, in bloody ruin, to the great disgrace of humanhy. Three wicked men made among themselves an inhuman compact, and carried it into execution. In political history they are known as Clement V., Pope of Rome; Philip le Bel, King of France, and Nogaret, his Chancellor. These men were distinguished by a thousand atrocities and crimes, especially against an unfortunate society known by the name of Knights of the Temple. A few of them escaped from the hands of the executioners and from the tortures intended for them, by leaving for Asia. From the ruins of this Order arose the Knights of St. John, the Teutonic Order and the Golden Fleece, who all shared in what was known of the Mysteries of the Knights of the Temple, as far as the means were left for attaining them. But more ancient than these is the Society of Freemasons, a body which, though remodelled and new in many respects, has yet preserved the hieroglyphics and ideographs of the Templars, which the others changed by a hundred absurd ceremonies. As the Temple of Solomon is looked upon as the greatest miracle of the Human Power and Wisdom of that day, it appeared to the Brothers as the grandest of hieroglyphics; a fact the more agreeable to them, as they had found amongst the ancient records which the Templars had collected with great pains in various places, that these Knights had similarly used it, and that they also had divided the Temple of Solomon into hieroglyphics, to which they gave a moral interpretation as they did also to the Sacraments.
The chief objects, my Worthy Brother, which on the one hand were ill understood by the Freemasons, but which, on the other hand, they were always seeking, were Alchemy, Theosophy and Magic.
Their searches were always in vain, for if not totally ignorant of these lofty sciences, they knew but little of them.
Our duty now, Worthy Brother, is to instruct thee in all matters, so far as thou shalt deserve, and this clearly and distinctly, in order that thy Reason may be thoroughly enlightened; hence we will give thee a true explanation of the First Degree of Freemasonry, that of Disciple;
1. Before receiving thee into the Order they took thee into a darkened room, this teaches thee that our Matter is found in a black state: our Earth.
2. We also took away all the Metals thou hadst upon thee; this shows that our Matter is not found where Metals grow.
3. They tookest away thy clothing; it shows that our Matter is stripped of the Veil with which Nature has clothed it, for it can be drawn as from the breast of a Mother.
4. They removed thy shoe, and uncovered thy left arm; this removal and uncovering, though it may relate to another branch of the meaning, in the removal of the shoe signifies the mysterious severance, and is one of the most ancient hieroglyphics known to the Israelites. When one of them desired to accuse the wife of his deceased brother, he took off his shoe; in like manner when one renounced an inheritante, or a ploughed field which he had bought, he did the same thing. But this sign of renunciation has always a mysterious signification.
5. Thine eyes were blindfolded; which teaches that though our Matter is luminous, and in itself shining and clear, yet that it is only to be found in the darkest dwelling.
6. A Cable Tow was round thy neck, by which the body was led; it teaches, (Hosea, Chapter 11, verse 4.), and also the drawing of our Matter.
7. The noise that was made on the floor in sign of affirmation and consent to the reception of the Candidate signifies that we procure our Matter from its dwelling in the volcano, and that dur Order has for its chief object the Physical Mysteries wrought by Fire.
8. The Three laborious Journies made by thee, the discourse with the Worshipful Master, and the other ceremonies connected therewith, signify the Obedience, Fidelity and Silence necessary towards thy Chiefs. They also teach thee that great pains, application, reflection, an upright heart and an open soul are needed to enable thee to raise thy soul up to us; and finally it shows thee that the Path can only be found in Silence and Secrecy, that great trials have to be surmounted and firm and fearless constancy shown before we can attain thereto.
9. The point of a Poniard was applied to thy breast to warn thee to beware of it. It should remind thee that no double edged weapon must ever be used to slay our Hiram and procure his precious blood, which is shown afterwards by a feeble Brother and his bloody handkerchief, as is explained to a Knight Novice of the Seventh Year.
10. The inner Silence signifies that our Matter, when it is prepared, dissolves all Metals noiselessly.
11. In touching thee with the Compasses (held over a plate with blood thereon), the plate of blood held up, signifies that we have another P. beside the one that was shown to thee, and which we thrust into the bosom of our Matter until it pours forth blood.
12. The order which the Worshipful Master gives to take care of the sick is the same as the Master gives in our Workshop, not to injure the body. The Knight Novice of the Seventh Year receives a fuller explanation.
13. All that which is repeated to thee three times, signifies that our Matter is Animal, Vegetable and Mineral, as the Brethren of Novice of Seven Years know.
14. The name of Tubal Cain was given to thee, to show that our Matter lies where the volcano has its fire and its dwelling place.
15. Thy Insignia, the administration of an Oath, and the religious equalities in the relate to our Theosophical and political statutes, which thou wilt know when attaining our Fifth Degree.
16. And finally, thou hast been asked to say, as far as thou couldst remember them, thy name, birthplace, etc. This is useful to our Chiefs from their Kabalistic knowledge, to guide them in tracing the most secret windings of thy heart and character.

Explanation of Floor Cloth

1. The Four Corners represent the Four Quarters of the Globe, and point out that God has given to our Chiefs such wisdom that, by this privilege, they are raised above all other mortals from East to West and from South to North, so that, for them, it matters not what lies outside the entire system, for there is nothing unknown to them. They hold the same relation to the Four Principal Winds of which our Father Hermes speaks —The Wind bears it in its bosom— that is to say, they bear the Matter, for it is the source and end of all things.
2. The Border and Fringe denote our unchangeableness.
3. The Mosaic Pavement shows to the Chiefs the wellknown Magic Squares.
4. The: is the Aesh Major or the Watery Flame, or Flaming Water, which we can procure for ourselves.
5. The Sun and Moon denote the Masculine and Feminine Elements, or that which is Active and that which is Passive. The same thing is signified by the Two Pillars J and B, which however, have their signification in divine measure, for they are the Pillars of the Ten Sephiroth and of the Sacred Divine Chariot.
(After this, the Theosophical and Divine Science, and the Chemical Work of the Degree are given in due order, and the Chapter then closed.)  

Second Degree

Knight Novice of the Fifth Year

Introductory Part is similar to that of First Degree.
Candidate is questioned upon the progress he has made in the Sciences, after the manner of the Hermetic Degrees of other Rites. Only One Demand is made as to Reception.
Secretary presents him in his rank.
Preceptor of Novices. (Addressing Candidate.)
1. In former times it was the duty of the Workmen to dip our Matter out of the Earth, and in fact, the Workmen of old performed this task for the Adepts, until it was found that the knowledge thus acquired led to frequent abuses, so that it was made the duty of the Masters in Freemasonry themselves, as is explained to the Knight Novice of Seven Years.
2. By the manner of Entrance in this Degree is signified the approaching Union of the Three Principles, but which we sep.. arate in themselves. The other preparation which thou didst undergo was made so light, because there was nothing new to teach thee; and they were therefore but a repetition of what thou hast learnt in thy pupil’s Degree. So also in … of the workmen, these doctrines only will be repeated which are somewhat known to the pupil.
3. The letter F in a Blazing Star (Force and Strength) signifies the active principle of the Creative Elohim, which is dearly explained in our Theosophy, as known to the Brothers of Light alone; and from which follows the reason why a Freemason adds to his name or signature a Square containing a Central Point.
4. The Seven Degrees signify the Seven Metals which have to be perfected by our Work. They also signify the smallest number of the true Hebrew name of our Matter. Thus Zachariah saw a Stone which had upon it Seven Eyes, and after it Seven Wheels, which represent our last Workmen by which we rise to perfection. Finally, they signify Seven Stars, the power of which is found explained in our Kabalistical Science, for Natural Magic is useful, and very necessary to our Chiefs in the Work.  

Third Degree

Knight Novice of the Seventh Year

Candidate is Received in a manner similar to that of the previous Degrees.
Preceptor. The Temple of Solomon, Revd. Brother, was in a general way the synthesis of our Art, and it moreover included the symbolism of all the Mysteries —Theosophical, Magical, Alchemical— and was in the time of Solomon an allegory of our Order (Kabalistically) which replaced or superceded the hieroglyphical symbolism of the Egyptians, which, with the exception of a few, are not used in our Order. But as it was necessary to have some subject of study in the present Three Degrees of Masonry, an allegorical account was introduced of the history of Hiram, King of Tyre, who had assisted King Solomon in the building of the Temple, and from this account some doctrines of importance may be adduced; so we must at once teach that the true origin of thi, legend, and then the true sense of the allegory which arises out if it. In the book of the Prophet Ezekiel one may see more clearly that “Hiram” had a universal meaning: Nephesh Urim Thummim (Soul, Light, Truth) (Truth or Perfection) and that he did not die of illness but was killed. In the Chaldean book fal kot the following is related of this King, which is considered a clear and historical explanation of. the denunciation made in Ezekiel 28. “Hiram, King of Tyre who had assisted Solomon in the building of the Temple, had, by his wisdom, gained immense riches and reached the age of 800 years. He afterwards grew proud of his wisdom and thought himself equal with God; he fashioned by his art two beings (Pillars) and built upon them Seven Heavens, and in these Seven Heavens hc caused an Altar to he built, which was to be like the Altar of God. When God was wroth with this great sin and error he sent to him his Prophet Ezekiel to declare his sins and pronounce his punishment. Then Jehovah destroyed with thunder the Seven Heavens of Hiram, and he fell from his height and was slain by the hands of man.
As our Theosophical – Magical - Chemical school began to multiply in the world, our Supreme Wise, Enlightened Masters and Chiefs ‘found it necessary to regulate it in all things. Hence are Signs and Passwords for each separate Degree, so that when the Workmen, or the Disciples, came to seek their reward, their Apprenticeship being taken for granted, each one could be recognized by his Words and Signs so as to know to what Degree he belonged.
The Secret Meaning of the allegory of Hiram is as follows;
Hiram, which word signifies our Matter, has been killed by Three Workmen, in order that they might procure the Word, which is JEHOVAH, i.e., the Central Fire. These traitors buried him and have already his Caf’ut Mortuum. They make a hillock and the dead head appears, as if the Spirits excited it with rage, this is shown by the Branch of Acacia.
The nature of our Matter is shown in the Master Mason’s Degree by a Touchstone which is Mineral; by a Death’s head, or Animal Matter; by the Acacia or Vegetable Matter. That is to say, our Matter is not divided, but contains the Three Kingdoms of Nature. The symbol of Jehovah, seen in the center of … indicates the perfecting of the Work; it symbolizes the Central Fire or Great Light. Our Matter, Revd. Brother, is represented in this our Book, which is now shown to thee and which, on close study, thou wilt find is adorned with all these qualities.  

Fourth Degree

Knight Levite

Carpets ceased to be used. The Degree has none. It renders the Levite eligible for minor offices. There is a short Introduction and a few questions. Then the Obligation, Investiture and Secrets.


Q.: What is Perfection?
A.: 1, 2, 3 & 4.
Q.: What is the Perfect Plane?
A.: That which Flames, gives Light, but destroys not.
Q.: What is it that must not be spoken, whilst the purest Stones of Marble are being procured?
A.: Majim; Majim.
Q.: What are the Elohim?
A.: Elih and Ki, the Light without Will, and the Light with Will; the Light without Color and the Light with Color.
Q.: What gives the Color.
A.: The Will.
Q.: How many of these (Elohim) are together, and when did they begin?
A.: They are altogether One and the Same, now and forever.
Q.: What is the Serpent that flies in the air and burns?
A.: The Ant (Asp or Scorpion?) found on its scales represents it.
Q.: How long was Moses with Schamajim (Aesch Maijm?)?
A.: Forty days.
Q.: What did he bring with him?
A.: The natural Law, set forth on Stone.
Q.: What was he amongst the people of Israel?
A.: Lawgiver, Levite, Protector and the Great Captain.
After many such Questions, Preceptor says: I receive you among the Levites; I beseech Thee, O Lord, to grant us two favors, and to deny us not these so long as we shall live; remove from us vanity and lies, give us neither poverty nor riches, feed us with food convenient for us, lest we be full and deny thee and say ‘Who is the Lord?’ Or lest we be poor and steal and take the Name of our God in vain. (Proverbs xxx, 8-9.)
There is no symbolic instruction, but an Address which lays great stress on Ethics.
Opening: The Hour when we come to Sacrifice.
Closing: The Hour when Sacrifice is Consummated.  

Fifth Degree

Knight Priest

Opening: First Hour of the Day.
Neophytes introduced, and after some preliminary Questions they are informed that the Rank they seek entitles them to fill the highest offices of the Order, and that they have in their care the Statutes of the Order which were given them previously.
The Preceptor of Levites, or Provincial Administrator, says: “Now, Revd. Brothers, ye are nearing the last of the explanations we have to give you before taking the Oath. You draw near to the last barrier, which ye, yourselves, will have to pass, if God permits ye to be enlightened by His Light. Now ye have reached the end of the Secret Mysteries of our Royal and Priestly Order. These, as well as those which may hereafter be given ye, are of such a nature that only in the Light can they be sought and found.
They take the Oath, and Invested and Entrusted. The Sacred Fire is lighted at which the Priests officiate and are anointed and robed.
Provincial Administrator: I anoint thy right ear, thy right eye and thy right thumb with the Holy Oil, in token of thy separation from the follies of the world and to set thee apart from them amongst the well-doers to be raised at the last day as a Monument of God’s glory.
Thou art a Priest forever after the Order of Melchizedeck.  
Closing: Last hour of Life and Safety.