August Order of Light
Ceremony of the Autumnal Equinox


Before the opening of the Ceremony the room must be arranged in order, as follows:
The carpet must be placed with the sign Libra in the East; the Ball on the degree of Equinox and the figure of Osiris behind it, with the tapes representing Ecliptic and Meridian. The two Pillars are placed in front of the Western throne Black on the North and White on the South leaving sufficient room for the chairs of Garuda.
All lights are extinguished, except the Northern Light.
The Ashayana is opened as usual in the 1st degree. After a short silence the G. of W. strikes his gong five times, so that it is only just audible. Kuvera rises, and, placing his right forefinger on the right ear, turns to Aruna and says:
Aruna, listen! is that the Song of Vishnu?
Aruna rises, places his left forefinger on the left ear and listens, and, looking towards Yama, says:
Yama, did you hear the notes of Vishnu?
Yama rises, and, placing the forefinger of his right hand in the middle of his forehead, stands in silence. G. of W. again strikes his gong five times, still gently, and, while the notes are still vibrating, the G. of L. gently strikes F. tube in response, When this has done vibrating, Yama, addressing Aruna, says:
It is Vishnu who comes, Aruna, the west is filled with the harmonious sounds of his approach.
Aruna to G. of L.:
He who was known in Egypt as Ra, to our brethren in India as Vishnu, approaches. His song has been heard in the West, and the radiant Car of Surya sinks in the distant horizon, in a blaze of golden light.
Western light turned on.
G. of L. to Aruna:
Who is Vishnu?
Aruna to G. of L.:
He who shapes the Atoms, the Producer of Forms.., the All-Pervader, who strides through the seven spheres of the Universe with three steps, leaving behind his footprints.
G. of L. to Yama:
Where are those footprints to be found?
Yama to G. of L.:
In the two Equinoctial Points, and the Meridian.
G. of L. to Kuvera:
What are the Equinoctial Points?
Two angles of 90 degrees within the perfect measure of time.
G. of L. to G. of S.:
What is the perfect measure of time?
G. of S.:
The 360 degrees which equally divide the Perfect Circle.
G. of L.:
Then descend, Bro. G. of S., and measure the arc of time, that we may know exactly the present position of the Sun.
Central Cone light is turned on. G. of S. enters Circle from the North, measures the arc, proceeds to West of Circle, faces East, and says:
Worthy G. of L., I have measured the Arc of the Sun within the P.C., and I find he has travelled 180 degrees, and is now on the point of the Autumnal Equinox… and thus a cycle of time is complete.
Central Cone light is turned off
G. of L.:
Bro. G. of S., I will thank you for a short exposition on the meaning and symbolism of the Equinox.
G. of S. again enters Circle from the North, and remains standing in the centre of the carpet, facing towards the South.
G. of S.:
I stand upon the equal dividing line of the Earth ... the Equator ... and under the point where it is crossed by the Earth’s path, the point of Equinox. At my feet stretches the boundless circle of the Grand Horizon of Heaven; before me the Southern Pole; behind me gleams the North Polar Star; above me the Purple Arch of Heaven, divided into equal parts by the Great Meridian; while from left to right stretches the Circle of the Equinoctial. It is night, and ranks of shining stars innumerable rising in the East cross the Grand Horizon at a Right Angle and ascend the Purple Vault. The time at which they reach the Great Meridian, marked upon the Equinoctial Circle. is therefore called their Right Ascension. As they reach the Meridian at different points, they appear to fall away or decline from this Equinoctial Circle, and this is therefore called their Declination. They pass the Meridian and sink into the West, to rise again on each succeeding night. Each one thus describes in the heaven a perfect Circle of Light. They symbolise the countless hosts of shining spirits who, ever obeying the Perfect Law, circle round the Throne of the Hidden God. Therefore was this night known to our Egyptian Brethren as the "Night of the Reckoning of the Spirits." But the night is gone, and Lo! here at the word Lo! the Eastern Light is lit and the Northern Light is put out the glorious orb of day crosses the Grand Horizon in the East as Ra Hor-em Chu, Horus of the two Horizons of Light and Darkness, Life and Death. He ascends the Meridian here, at the word "Meridian," the Centre Light ... full… is turned on on this day alone, dividing the Heavens equally in every direction. He is now Ra the Mighty, Ra the Resplendent, pouring his effulgent rays in bounteous profusion upon all that lives. He descends the Western Arch here, at the words "Western Arch," the Western Light is turned on and the Centre Light out and sinks peacefully to rest in the Land of the West, as Taum... the Hidden One, the Closer of the Cycles but as surely as he sets to-day so surely will he rise Eastern Light on and pursue again his triumphant Centre Light on course tomorrow. As it is written: "He was yesterday, He knows tomorrow" Even so is it with Man, who crosses the double Horizon at his birth, rises to the zenith of his power, and, when his course is run, East and Centre Lights out and West Light turned on sinks into the silence of the Tomb; but only as Ra-Taum, Hor-em-Chu, the Immortal Trinity in Nature and in Man, all Lights out to rise again cycle after cycle, till the glorious summit of his evolution has been attained. Such is the Equinox a symbol of perfect Law, perfect Equilibrium, perfect Harmony, our sure and certain sign of Resurrection and Immortality.
G. of S. steps backwards to the North and returns to his place via the East.
G. of L.:
Brethren, let us celebrate according to ancient custom the return of the Sun to the Houses of Equality and Justice.
Gong ... all rise ... all lights on.
G. of L.:
Companions of Agni, you will now assemble.
They form in procession in the North, led by Aruna, First Companion bears emblem of Boat of sun; second, Chalice of Wine; third, emblem of Maat (justice); fourth, Khepera (beetle, symbol of Regeneration and cyclic progression); Procession closed by Yama with his wand They pass once round circle and halt opposite Libra. Music plays during their circumambulation. When they halt, Priest of M. reads:
Homage to Thee, O Taum! Thou self-created Being Thou primeval matter from whom all things were made.
Second round music, halt at Sagittarius.
P. of M.:
Thou art the Lord of Heaven, Thou art the Lord of Earth, Thou art the one God who came into being in the Beginning of Time, Thou didst create the Earth. Thou didst fashion Man. Thou didst make the Watery Abyss, and gayest life to all that therein is.
Third round music, halt at Capricorn.
P. of M.:
Hail! Thou who passest through eternity, whose being is everlasting. Thou dost travel through untold spaces requiring millions upon millions of years to pass over; Thou passest through them in peace, and then steerest Thy way across the watery abyss to the place which Thou lovest; this Thou doest in one little moment of time, and then Thou dost sink down and dost make an end of the hours.
They are now joined by the P. of M. and the Arch Presidents of the Centre. At the Altar of Light they form in three rows facing that Altar, thus …
A. of L.
1st row: Arch Pres., G. of L., P. of M., Arch Pres.
2nd row: Companions of Agni.
3rd row: Aruna, Kuvera, Yama.
One of the Arch Presidents and the Priest of M. now repeat the following Egyptian Mantra, phrase by phrase, one in Egyptian, the other in English.



Arch Pres.:
P. of M.:
Homage to thee who art Ra when thou risest at the beginning of a Cycle.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
And Taum, when thou settest in Peace at its close. Priest of M. turns to receive the Chalice of Wine, which lie places on Altar and Censes.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
Hail! Ye holy dwellers in the Temple of the Higher Self. The other emblems are handed to Yama, who places them on one side.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
Who weigh heaven and earth in the scales of Equity.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
And who give celestial sustenance to the soul of man.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
May our names be proclaimed on high.
A. P.:
P. of M.: And may we be received into the presence of Osiris.
A. P.:
P. of M.:
In the Land of the Justified.
All the Brethren give the sign of stability, and say: M – T – N.
The Companions of Agni and Officers now retire to their places. The Brethren resume their seats.
G. of W.:
Worthy G. of L., it is the sixth subcycle of a solar day, and the Car of Surya has sunk in the golden West. Another solar day is gone and night approaches. The twilight which precedes the darkness is even now to be seen in our Ashayana, bringing with it that peace and influence which is a sure indication of the presence of the seven Sons of Vishnu.
G. of L.:
Bro. Aruna, who are the Sons of Vishnu?
The Equilibrators of Light and Darkness; the controllers of the forces of Nature who by their power maintain the harmony of the Universe.
G. of L.:
How, Yama, do you know the Sons of Vishnu?
By the Symbol of the Golden Hawk or Garuda, which is the Emblem of the Divine substance, and by the Symbol of the Lunar Chayya, the producer of forms. By these Symbols are they known, Worthy G. of L.
G. of L.:
Bro. Yama, it is not in the blaze of the Sun at meridian that we receive our earliest understanding of the higher mysteries of being: in the full effulgence of the noontide light our material frames are stimulated to bear the burden of higher knowledge. But it is in the solitude of night that mortals, removed from an influence too powerful to be constantly endured, find in the lonely hours of the starry silence the thoughts of the Watcher within, preparing the dual nature for a renewal of the struggle through which all must pass.
G. of L.:
Now let the Sons of Vishnu rule, and present to me their Symbols of Identity.
P. of G.:
Companions of Garuda, before assembling in council, you will present your Symbols of Identity to the G. of L., that he may verify and confirm them.
The Companions of Garuda are assembled in the North, led by Aruna. When all are in order they pass the G. of L., each presenting to him their several Symbols. Aruna halts in the South until all the Symbols have been passed. The last one of the Comps. of Garuda presents his Symbol, same as the rest, but the G. of L. stops him, saying:
This is not a Symbol of the Lunar Chayya. What means this?
I bear upon my breast the sign of Garuda, this my Symbol and my authority was given to me on my investment.
A. P., intervenes:
W. Bro. G. of L. when the Sons of Vishnu were appointed, one was sent to produce forms on the square in concrete matter, this is the symbol given. He is a true Son of Vishnu.
G. of L.:
Pass, Son of the Golden Hawk.
The Council being complete, Aruna conducts them to the Pillars, and each takes his allotted place. Pres. of G., before sitting, says:
May the Lord of Light be with us, and direct our deliberations and decisions to the benefit of the Order.
At this point the Officers’ lights, and the Arch lights are raised simultaneously.

Comps. of Garuda take their seats. P. of C. raises Osiris and takes up his staff.
P. of G.:
Brethren, what is the first rule of our Order?
Comps. of C. (together):
P. of G.:
And rightly so, for though we may be in different stages of advancement, yet are we all sparks from the one divine flame, and therefore equal before the All Seeing Eye.
Registrar (rising):
If we are indeed all equal. by what authority do you take precedence and occupy the Presidential Throne of Garuda?
P. of G. to Registrar (both rising):
By the election of my Brethren, and the consent of the Arch Presidents of the Centre. But, to prove our equality, I willingly descend from my throne to await your suffrages, and cheerfully assume the lowest office in the Ashayana.
Pres of G. rises from his chair, and, passing to the E., hands his official staff to one of Arch Presidents and takes his place by Durwan, at the door.
A pause. the P. of G.’s chair being vacant.
Registrar rising and addressing Camps. of G., says:
Though we are equal, yet is it necessary for the observance of good government that one of us should rule, let us therefore select that one among us who is best fitted to guide our councils and to rule our meetings.
The Registrar takes the vote of the Companions. He then takes the vase to one of the A. Presidents (or to the Arbitrator.) The A P. (or Arbitrator) removes the votes, notes the result, and returns the vase to the Registrar. The Arch President, (or Arbitrator) rising and presenting the Garuda Staff to Bro Registrar, says:
You will present this Staff of Office to Bro. ..., who has been duly elected to govern the Council of Garuda, and request him to occupy the Presidential Throne.
The Registrar places the vase on the Altar.
He then takes the Staff, which he presents to Bro. ..., saying:
Bro. ..., by command of the Arch P. (or Arbi.) I present to you this staff. The Companions of Garuda desire you to occupy the Western Throne and preside at their Council.
Pres. of Garuda advances to his throne (with Registrar), as he approaches, Comps. of G. rise and receive him with the sign of the 1st degree, the P. of G. returns the salutation, and all resume their seats.
P. of G.:
Brethren, what is the second Rule of our Order?
Comps. of G. (together):
P. of G.:
And to this Council is committed the duty of seeing that justice is administered, without fear or favour.
P. of G. rises and takes the Sword of Justice in his right hand, and says:
I therefore call upon any Brother who has received less than justice, or has any grievance against another, to now lay his complaint at the bar of this Council, that his case may be judged and justice administered, so that naught may remain to mar the harmony of our Brotherhood. Resumes his seat.
Registrar rises, advances to West of Carpet and addresses the Brethren: Brethren of the Order of Light, as Registrar it is my duty to see that justice is administered. If any Brother or Brethren has or have any grievance, I place myself at their disposal, so that we may retire and prepare the case, in order that it may be presented in accordance with the Laws of our Land and the Rules of our Order.
Registrar waits a few moments and says:
I have (or I have no) instructions.
P. of G. rises, sheaths (or not) the sword, lays it down, (if necessary) resumes his seat and says:
Brethren, what is the third Rule of our Order?
Comps. of G. (together):
P. of G.:
Our strength lies in our Brotherhood. So long as that remains intact, no shocks from the outer world can disturb our equilibrium. It is a tie that not only binds us man to man, but spirit to spirit ; and as spirit is Immortal not even Death himself can sever it. It is, within the limits of the Perfect Law, a pledge of mutual help to the attainment of the Right and True; a pledge to be fulfilled in whatever cycles or realms of the Universe our spirits may dwell. It binds us Brethren through time; it binds us Brethren in eternity! Let us then seal that Bond of Brotherhood, by partaking together of the consecrated emblems of the Celestial Waters of Knowledge.
P. of G. sounds gong, all Brethren rise.
President of Garuda then descends from his throne, and from between the pillars addresses the Arch Presidents as here set forth, after which he, followed by the Companions of Garuda, takes up position in the N.E. of the Temple.
Pres. of G.:
Arch Presidents of the Centre, our equality has been demonstrated, justice has been administered, equilibrium is undisturbed, our harmony is perfect, and the Brethren are now prepared to take the Solemn Pledge of Brotherhood.
The Arch Pres. advances to the Altar of Light The Priest of M. awaits him and pours Wine from the Chalice info the cups. Each Arch Pres., facing the Altar, raises the cup aloft in his left hand and says:
In the Name of the Lord of the Perfect Circle. He then turns round to face the Brethren, places the rig/it hand over the heart, and says: I pledge you Eternal Brotherhood! drinks the wine and lays aside the cup.
Priest of M. steps aside and Pies, of G. advances to the Altar. The cup is filled by the Arch Presidents and handed to him He takes the pledge as above, but in silence, returns to place, and the Brethren, starting with the Priest of M., each in order as they stand round the room the Guardian of the West being always last; advances to the Altar, takes the pledge in silence and returns to his place.
As each Brother turns to the West to take the pledge, every other Brother must acknowledge it, by a slight inclination of the head and the sign of salutation in the 1st degree.
The G. of W. goes to the Altar last, and, on his emptying the cup, stands where he is, and says:
It is finished.
Arch Pres. sounds F. gong (M.T.N.) all resume seats, the President and Companions of Garuda in the West. The Pres. of G. rises, lays down Osiris and stands at the West of the Circle, facing East.
The Council assemble on each side of him.
P. of G.:
I now declare this Council of Garuda closed.
They, also the Guardian of the West, then take their usual seats in the Temple.
G. of L. (rising):
By the authority vested in me, I now confer the new pass-word, which will remain valid for the ensuing six months.
It is …
Any remaining business is now completed, and when the work has been done, the Ashayana is closed, by the G. of L., in the First Degree, in ancient and solemn form.