Order "Achei Brith" and "Shield of Abraham"
Ritual for Initiation in the Second Degree


President to Vice-President: Bro. Vice, it is reported that Brethren of the Lodge who have only advanced through the First Degree now desire to be permitted to pass through the Second Degree. I desire your assistance and that of the Lodge.
Bro. President, as only members who are fully qualified and who have merited the advance are permitted to enter the Second Degree, does the Secretary report that the records of the Lodge show the members seeking admission to the Second Degree qualified according to the Constitution of the Order?
President to Secretary:
Do you, Bro. Secretary, assure me that the records of the Society prove these members to be so qualified?
Yes, Bro. President.
Bro. Inside Guardian, will you step forward and give me the Password of the Second Degree! Bro. Guardian does so. President continues. Bro. Inside Guardian, you will please keep the door secure and take care that no one is admitted unless he is in possession of the Password of this Degree!
Inside Guardian:
Bro. President, your commands will be respectfully obeyed.
Bros. Marshalls, will you step forward and give me the Password of the Second Degree. Bros. Marshalls do so.
Bros. Marshalls, will you take the Password of the Second Degree from the Breth-ren here assembled and report any who are not in possession of it! They do so. President giving two knocks in quick succession, all the members rise.
Bro. Vice-President and Brethren, let us open the Lodge in the Second Degree and with the help of the Great Creator continue the work we have undertaken.
Sign of the Second Degree.
I declare … Lodge No. … Order "Achei Brith" & "Shield of Abraham," duly open in the Second Degree. One knock, and the Brethren resume their seats.
Bros. Marshall, will you please go and greet our Brethren!
Marshalls retire. They demand re-admittance by a rap and double rap on door. Bro. Guardian admits them, but not beyond the door. One of the Bros. Marshalls addresses the President:
Bro. President, our Brethren here are come to enter the Second Degree of the Order.
President: Will you direct them to the Vice-President who shall greet them. Bros. Marshalls lead members to the Vice Chair.
The Marshalls:
Bro. Vice, these Brethren, by their conduct and interest in the work of our Order, have merited admission into the Second Degree of the Order. They await for your instructions.
Vice-President to Candidates:
Brethren, we are glad to learn from the Bros. Marshalls that you have now reached the stage of the Second Degree of the Order, and it is the pleasure of the Lodge that I give you greetings, he bows but before I introduce you to the Bro. President it is my duty to enquire whether you are willing to reaffirm the declaration you signed when first initiated into this Order, and prepared to uphold and support the Constitution of the Order and to subscribe to all its tenets as contained in our Ritual of the First Degree. They answer in the affirmative.
Vice-President: Bro. President, the Brethren before me are willing to reaffirm their declaration signed when initiated into the Order and are prepared to continue to uphold and support the Constitution of the Order and to subscribe to the tenets of the Order as contained in our Ritual of the First Degree. I would entrust them to your care, Bro. President, if you will further instruct them.
Bro. Vice, I gladly accept the care of the Brethren and will be pleased if you will direct them to the altar.
Bros. Marshalls, will you please conduct the Brethren to Bro. President! They do so.
Brethren of the First Degree, I am glad to learn of your desire to enter into the Second Degree and that you have merited admission thereto; but before initiating you into that degree, I must ask you, do you accept the Standing Watch Word ךוםכ ךערל הבחאו
"Love thy Neighbour as thyself" and are you prepared to accept that as your guiding principle in life? They answer in the affirmative. It is most pleasing to us to hear you reaffirm this.
As in the case of the Ritual of the First Degree so through the Second runs the spirit of that Standing Watch Word. Though not enunciated until a later date, it was the principle that guided our great Patriarch Abraham who, in all he did as recorded in the Sacred Scriptures, was the spirit of "Love thy Neighbour as thyself"; and though as a brother we accept your pledge to strictly observe this, still I must ask you to reaffirm the Declaration signed when first initiated, and I beg you to repeat the following words: The Chairman gives three knocks anti all Brethren rise. The Initiates place their right hands on their breasts.
"I, …, members give their names solemnly reaffirm the Declaration which I made when initiated into the First Degree. I will duly honour the signs, secrets and lessons that had been and may be entrusted to me and that I will obey all lawful commands of my officers and will do all in my power to faithfully carry out all the dictates conveyed in our Standing Watch Word and the lessons to be adduced therefrom." The Chairman gives one knock and the members excepting the initiates, resume their seats.
President, continues:
My Brethren, the declaration you have just made will. I doubt not, be strictly observed by you and as a token of our entire and unlimited confidence in your sincerity and integrity, I entrust you with the Sign and Password of this Degree. The Sign is ….
Will you please repeat it! They do so.
The Password is …. This Password conveying an instruction to which we owe allegiance all our lives, still is changed from time to time, not because the need for it has ceased, but because reminders of other duties are conveyed in successive Passwords. We all hope that your acts within the Lodge will be strictly in accord with the principles you have declared. It is our express desire that as members of the Order "Achei Brith" and "Shield of Abraham" you will uphold its dignity both inside and outside the Lodge. As men cognisant of your responsibilities towards your fellows, you will feel that there is no limit to the self-sacrifice in their interests. The one striking lesson which no one can learn with completeness is, that it is the helping hand and tender heart that rears the child to manhood estate; and it is a helping hand and tender heart and generous thought of our fellows that makes all men kin and renders certain the exercise of those virtues impressed upon you in the First Degree,—Loyalty, Fidelity and Benevolence, Truth and Honour. The exercise of the virtues are a solace to us in our own distress while extending relief and consolation to our fellows in hours of affliction. Their exercise help to free our souls from the dominion of pride and prejudice. They help us to view each other as members of one brotherhood with one common bond owing and fulfilling a common duty. We are endowed with facilities to think and to determine good and evil. The cultivation of either is largely determined by the goal one sets himself out to reach. Our objective goal is "Unity," which shall make us strong; "Fidelity" which shall ensure our binding affection to our fellows; and "Benevolence" whereby we help others to share our own happiness; and here I impress upon you that these ideals, the Order "Achei Brith" and "Shield of Abraham" have set themselves. So far as in our power lies we are constant and devoted to our Order and our Cause. We hope that with your assistance, and the further accession of strength, the lessons just imparted will become constant factors in our lives. We now welcome you as Brethren of the Second Degree, who with the vow just made, will give effect to the lesson of that Degree. We look to you to help make our Order a living force and an instrument for good, and as the children of one Creator, we receive you into our midst and greet you with our standing Watch Word ךוםכ ךערל הבחאו "Love thy Neighbour as Thyself," which denotes all that I have said to you.
President gives three knocks:
Brethren of the … Lodge No. … Order "Achei Brith" and "Shield of Abraham." I here confirm Brothers … into the Second Degree of the Order and ask you to receive them and treat them as Brothers competent to discharge the duties we have set ourselves. May we all be blessed in our endeavours to do good and assist to achieve all the good our hearts and ideals prompt us; Brethren, will you give me the sign of the Second Degree! They do so.
President to Bros. Marshalls:
You are now to conduct the Brethren to their places.