15de Gr\ Knight of the East, of the Sword or of the Eagle

Uit: The Intermediate Degrees 1 - 17, 1990.

The Lecture of the 14 carried the legend to the destruction of the first Temple by the army of Nebuchadnezzar; this Degree resumes the thread at the release of the Jews from the Babylonish Captivity and the building of the second Temple.
The Officers are named:
Cyrus - King of the World,
Nehemiah - Keeper of the Seals,
Shethar-boznai General,
Mithredath Treasurer,
Esdras - Minister of State,

and, in addition: a Master of Ceremonies, a Conductor, a Captain of the Guard, an Inner Guard, an Outer Guard.
The Candidate is Zerubbabel, a Prince of the House of David.
The Jewel, a Gold Scimitar: Clothing, A Sash. Degree colour, Green and Red.
According to the legend. Zerubbabel obtains an Audience of Cyrus and pleads that the Jews may be released from their Captivity. As Cyrus has recently had a dream in which God appeared to him and commanded him to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem, there to re-build the Temple. he grants the request. In order that Zerubbabel shall be in the position of authority among the Babylonians. the King decides to create him a Knight of the East.
A Volume of the Jewish Sacred Law is sent for, and Zerubbabel is Obligated, given the Accolade. Invested, and Entrusted. The Jews are provided with arms and training in their use, and an Edict is issued that the Sacred Vessels of the Temple shall be restored to them, and that they are to receive every assistance.
In due time Zerubbabel and his People set out, and reach Jerusalem without hindrance other than an attack at the crossing of the Great River by bandits who disputed the passage in the hope of plunder.
The legend further relates that a beginning was made on the foundations of the Temple and the restoration of the walls of the city. The Samaritans. however, ignored the Edict and launched an attack, so that the workmen were compelled to labour with their swords by their sides. The attacks proving unsuccessful, the Samaritans complained to Artaxerxes, who had succeeded to the Throne of Babylon, and he peremptorily ordered an immediate cessation of all work.

Ritual: Knight of the East, of the Sword, or of the Eagle